A Look Back at the Key Contributors During the Boston Bruins Stanley Cup Championship

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The 2011 Boston Bruins Stanley Cup championship was won on key contributions throughout their lineup. Whether it was series-winning goals by Nathan Horton and Patrice Bergeron or incredible saves by Tim Thomas the Bruins had quality contributions up and down the lineup. Each player listed down below played a major role in the Bruins capturing the 2011 Stanley cup.  

Tim Thomas

A team that becomes a Stanley cup champion usually needs four things. Good goaltending, good offense, good defense, and teammate chemistry. Well starting goalie Thomas provided some excellent and unorthodox saves during the 2011 NHL playoffs. When the Boston Bruins were in the midst of their cup run Thomas was 37 years old but he certainly did not look or play like he was 37.

He played in all 25 playoff games for the Bruins and won the 16 games need to capture the Stanley Cup. Thomas compiled a save percentage of 94% and a goals-against-average of 1.98 during the playoffs. Thomas came up big when the Bruins needed it most including pitching four shutouts during the 25 playoff games. One of those shutouts happened to be in game seven of the Stanley cup finals to capture the Stanley Cup. Thomas’s incredibly athletic yet unorthodox saves help provide the spark needed to inspire his fellow teammates.

David Krejci

The Bruins had some incredible performances from their skaters. David Krejci was a massive contributor to the Boston Bruins’ run to the Stanley Cup championship. At the time Krejci was a young 24-year-old player that played a vital role as the Bruins second-line center. Playing alongside star power forwards Milan Lucic and Horton, Krejci was able to excel in his role as a point-producing player. He led the entire league in playoff goals and points during the Bruins’ run to the Stanley cup. He had 12 goals and added 11 assists for 23 points on his way to helping the Bruins win the Stanley Cup.

One goal of Krejci’s that particularly stands out is when he scored an overtime-winning goal twice. His first shot was so fast that it blew right past Brain Boucher, hit the mesh of the back of the net, and bounced out. Nobody noticed and the play went on. Following a whistle, the NHL and referees watched a replay to verify the Bruins had scored and won game 2. Clutch goals such as the game-winning goal in the second game against the Philadelphia Flyers made Krejci a valuable member of the Cup-winning team. 

Nathan Horton

One of the newest Bruins turned out to be a hero in two of the Bruins series victories. Horton played in 21 playoff games and scored eight goals to go along with nine assists. Two of his goals were series-winning goals that sent the Boston Bruins to the next round. His first game-winning goal was when he provided some overtime heroics against the Montreal Canadiens. He fired a slapshot past the sprawled out Carey Price to give the Bruins the game seven and series victory. In the eastern conference finals, Nathan Horton scored his second game-winning goal to defeat the Tampa Bay Lighting

Unfortunately, Horton’s incredible playoffs were cut short after being on the receiving end of a brutal open-ice collision with Aaron Rome. Horton suffered a concussion that put him out for the rest of the Stanley cup final. Despite missing the last four games of the playoffs Horton still found a way to impact the series. Ahead of game seven against the Vancouver Canucks he brought some of the Td Garden ice to Vancouver. It was his own secret mission to turn the Vancouver ice into the Bruins’ home ice.  

Patrice Bergeron

The now Bruins captain was a vital member of the Bruins trip to the Stanley Cup. At 25 years old Bergeron played in 23 games during the playoffs. In those 23 games, he scored six goals and had 14 assists. He was also a part of some of the most iconic moments in the series against the Canucks.

Both events happened on the road and help create a tone for the rest of the series, The first event occurred during a scrum behind the net when Bergeron and Alex Burrows got tied up. Bergeron was giving Burrows a face rub with his glove. Burrows become frustrated with the whole ordeal so he decided to cause some damage by biting Bergeron’s index finger. The referee immediately separated the two players but for the rest of the series, Bruins players such as Milan Lucic and Mark Recchi taunted Burrows by sticking their fingers near Burrows’ mouth. 

The second moment that all Bruins fans remember is when Patrice Bergeron scored two goals in game seven of the Stanley Cup final including the game-winning goal. His first goal came in the first period when he received a sweet pass from Brad Marchand. After the puck slid between multiple player’s skates Bergeron one-timed the puck right past an unsuspecting Roberto Luongo. His second goal of the game came in the second period when he crashed into Luongo causing a massive collision that pushed the puck across the goal line. The goal put the Bruins up 3-0 and pretty much made every Canucks fan lose faith in any chance of making a comeback.

Recap of Key Contributors From the Boston Bruins 2011 Stanley Cup Championships

The Bruins’ magical playoff run that ended in a championship was fueled by amazing performances up and down the lineup. Each player listed above played a pivotal role in the Bruins’ success. Horton’s overtime heroics helped the Bruins advance in multiple rounds. David Krejci and Bergeron scored some of the most important goals in the entire playoffs as they scored game-winning goals. Finally, Thomas played some amazing hockey throughout the 25 game playoffs. His acrobatic and unconventional saves bailed out the Bruins many times and earned him the honor of winning the Conn Smythe Trophy as playoff MVP.

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