A Look Back At The Key Contributors During The Boston Bruins Stanley Cup Championship: Part Two

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The 2011 Boston Bruins Stanley Cup championship was won on key contributions throughout their lineup. Whether it was series-winning goals by Nathan Horton and Patrice Bergeron or incredible saves by Tim Thomas the Bruins had quality contributions up and down the lineup. Each player listed down below played a major role in the Bruins capturing the 2011 Stanley cup.  If you are interested the first part of this article can be found right here.

Boston Bruins Captain: Zdeno Chara

The first person to lift the 2011 Stanley Cup was Boston Bruins captain, Zdeno Chara. Standing at a staggering six feet nine, Chara is still one of the most intimidating players on the ice. During the 2011 playoffs, Chara was one of the most feared players in the league, and he played almost 28 minutes a game in all but one playoff game.

Despite playing so much during the playoffs, Chara’s strong defensive game and ability to contribute on the offensive side of the ice helped him lead the playoffs in plus-minus. During the 2011 playoffs, Chara owned a +16 rating showing that while he was on the ice showing that there were not many goals scored by the opponents while he was on the ice. The impressive offensive part of Chara’s game was also on display during the 24 playoff games he participated in. He chipped in two goals and seven assists during the playoffs which helped clinch the Bruins victories in many series. 

Although Chara and the Boston Bruins could not agree to another contract causing him to sign with the Washington Capitals for the 2021 season, his legacy with the Bruins is a legendary one, and his efforts during the 2011 playoffs should be remembered by all Bruins fans.  

Oldest Boston Bruins Player: Mark Recchi

The oldest member of the Boston 2011 Stanley cup champion team was 42-year-old Mark Recchi. Recchi nicknamed “Reccs” finished his hall of fame career by winning his third and final Stanley cup. As a leader on the Boston Bruins team, Recchi was giving the “A” as the assistant captain signify his importance to the club. Playing alongside Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand on the first line of the Boston Bruins lineup Mark Recchi was obviously productive. In 25 playoff games, he scored five goals and collected nine assists. The 14 total points tied him for 17th in scoring for the league and sixth on the Boston Bruins for total points.

The team and Recchi’s very successful playoff run was a great finish to his career. Shortly after all the festivities celebrating the Bruins, Stanley Cup Championship Recchi announced his retirement. He eventually was inducted into the hockey hall of fame as a player. Since then he has tried his hand in coaching as he was the New Jersey Devils assistant coach.

Boston Bruins Fan Favorite: Milan Lucic

A player that is believed by all Bruins fans has at least one of the following qualities: the ability to score, a fantastic personality, or the ability to strike fear into the opponent’s heart. Milan Lucic had all three while he was with the team. During his time on the Boston Bruins, Lucic was always a feared opponent with the ability to completely break up a play with one of his simple yet effective body checks.

His physical presence on the ice went beyond just during play. After whistles, he was seen on numerous occasions during the 2011 playoffs to be stepping up for teammates by fighting opponents or taunting players such as Alex Burrows. One moment that will be remembered by most Bruins fans is when Lucic attempted to feed Burrows his fingers after an incident early in the game.

Not only did Lucic bring an imposing physical game he also had a finishing touch that meshed extremely well with his linemates David Krejci and Nathan Horton. Over the course of the 25 playoff games Lucic played in he scored five goals and seven assists. The 12 total points were a huge help to the success of the Bruins in the 2011 playoffs. Unfortunately, Lucic’s career has not been very successful since leaving Beantown, but Bruins fans will always love him for helping them win the 2011 Stanley cup and his eight seasons wearing the Black and Gold. 

The Rat: Brad Marchand

The Little ball of hate nickname originated during the 2011 NHL playoffs when Brad Marchand was a rookie and was a pest for all opponents. The 22-year-old rookie had a successful first season in the league as he scored 21 goals and also contributed 20 assists in just 14 minutes of average ice time per game. In the playoffs, he exploded for 11 goals and eight assists. The strong play gave head coach Claude Julien no choice but to give him more ice time, and in the playoffs, Marchand played nearly 17 minutes a game. 

One moment of Brad Marchands from the 2011 Stanley Cup run that stands out was when he scored the Bruins fourth goal of game seven in Vancouver. With his second goal of the night, he knocked down the final nail in the coffin for the Canucks, and made everybody in the Bruins organization realize that they were going to win the Stanley Cup.

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