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LFNE Championship Have Arrived to Put African MMA on the Map

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Three African champions have cemented their legacy in the UFC. With such a huge continent having a low amount of combat sports stars, it really makes you think, how come there aren’t as many African athletes in the world’s leading promotions? The answer to that is simple, there is barely an outlet for sports stars in this continent. Many gifted and hard-working athletes come from these countries and want to make it big but the majority of the time no one wants to help promote them.

Enter the LFNE Championship, a Kenyan-based promotion that holds many talented fighters who will one day look to challenge the greatest combat sports stars from across the world. Kenya holds some of the best Olympic athletes in the world, so it’s no surprise that mixed martial artists from this country are also amazing at what they do. LFNE wants to help build a gateway for these hard-working competitors to jump straight into the worlds leading combat sports promotions.

What Is LFNE Championship?

LFNE Championship is a mixed martial arts promotion based in Kenya, the name stands for “Local Fight Night Entertainment” and already has two champions who have defended their belts. The majority of African countries have major financial struggles which make it difficult to provide equipment for efficient martial arts training. LFNE not only will help give these young fighters the chance to train but the chance to compete and make it big in the combat sports world.

The only other major MMA promotion in the continent is a South African one called “Extreme Fighting Championship” which boasts amazing talents of its own. LFNE wants to not only give athletes a place to train and fight but they want to ensure that the people competing have access to good medical treatment, nutrition and can build a career off of their passion for the world’s fastest-growing sport.

Who Are Some Notable Fighters?

Mohammed Ware is one of two of the promotion’s champions. He has outstanding pressure and changes levels so well. Ware’s defensive clinch work is amazing and can throw lethal strikes from almost any position. He stands 5 ft 7 inches tall and weighs 143lbs. With an impressive record of 6-0, “Young Master” will be looking to defend his belt until a huge opportunity arrives, and with dedication as strong as Ware’s, a step up in the combat sports world is only around the corner.

LFNE champion Mohammed Ware.

Peris Githiga is one of LFNE’s most experienced fighters. Holding a record of 5-3, this Muay Thai specialist can throw kicks from almost any angle and has dominant top control. “Iron Leg” is definitely a championship-caliber fighter who can compete with the top dogs in the world’s best MMA promotions.

African MMA

Israel Adesanya, Kamaru Usman, and Francis Ngannou all hold the most prestigious achievement in combat sports, the UFC championship within their respected divisions. Usman and Adesanya come from Nigeria and Ngannou come from Cameroon. The people of these countries see their champions as idols, when returning home they are celebrated almost like a god. The respect for the sporting legends is beyond belief.

Africa’s three champions also boast some of the most exciting and impressive performances in sports history. Incredible power, high volume, and excruciating wrestling automatically put these individuals in the conversation for the greatest fighters alive. LFNE will be looking to add to this list with a Kenyan champion and it seems as if we are not far away from this becoming a reality.

African MMA has been on the rise over the past few years and with already three champions in the leading combat sports organization, we can be sure to see plenty more in the coming years. As outlets start reaching these small promotions in the continent, we will experience new and insanely talented fighters rising quickly to face some of the biggest names in MMA.

The Support For LFNE

Jordan Minns is a martial artist fighting out of Westwood California. He is the founder of the LOV movement, a non-profit organization that is on a mission to change lives. Not only is Minns on a mission to provide Kenya with clean food and water, but he has purchased seven acres of land where he is working to build a school. Minns wants to make this a facility for living and learning. The land he owns is roughly an hour away from some of the slums of Kenya.

On a mission to change the world, Minns has seen and heard stories of children from the villages fall victim to disease and abuse. Being a martial artist Minns has taken his love around the world and has used it to teach the people of Kenya how to fight. LFNE has been aware of this and people involved with the LOV movement have fought within the promotion.

Overtime Heroics Working With LFNE

Everyone at Overtime Heroics MMA is excited to become an outlet of opportunity for this Kenyan promotion, with us putting eyes on these small names, they could just get the appreciation and attention they deserve. Everyone has worked so hard to get involved with smaller organizations and we are pleased to be putting eyes on a whole new location in mixed martial arts.

We will be promoting LFNE Championship, putting out some fighter showcases and fight previews. We hope to push them out into the public eye where the athletes of the promotion can eventually find themselves making it to major combat sports promotions. Kenya and this promotion specifically is home to some of the most talented and hard-working individuals in the world, if given the opportunity they can find themselves on the career path of their dreams.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about this amazing Kenyan MMA promotion. Be sure to follow LFNE Championship on Twitter @LFNEC and Instagram @LFNEChampionship. Follow me on Twitter @LeoJJohnson20 and follow @OTHeroicsMMA for more great content! And don’t forget our Instagram, overtimeheroics_mma. Come discuss this and much more at the Overtime Heroics forums!

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