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Baltimore Ravens 2021 Schedule Release: Analysis, Predictions and More

The first big moment for football fans, post NFL draft, is the release of the schedule. Although teams are going to lose and add players from here to now and some teams will improve and some will get worse, fans always look forward to seeing the schedule and predicting the success or failures of their squads.

Over at Overtime Heroics, we know that is what you like to do so we gave it to you in written form! All you need to know about each game of the Ravens" upcoming season will be in this article, from the history of some of the matchups to the matchup analysis to the predictions, it has it all. So without making you wait any longer, here is the ultimate guide to the Baltimore Ravens 2021 schedule, enjoy!

Baltimore Ravens 2021 Schedule: First Half

Week 1 | 9/13/21 | Baltimore Ravens at Las Vegas Raiders

The Baltimore Ravens 2021 schedule starts on the road on Monday Night Football. Interested in coming to see this game? You may have to break the bank, as tickets for this game are only surpassed by Tom Brady‘s return to New England in terms of price.

On the field, the Ravens won the last matchup in 2018. On paper, Baltimore is the superior team as the Las Vegas Raiders lost much of its offensive line talent and compensated by drafting all of the safeties on draft day. Expect Baltimore to open its season with a victory

Prediction: Ravens win 31-20.

Week 2 | 9/19/21 | Kansas City Chiefs at Baltimore Ravens

In Baltimore"s first home game with fans since the 2019 playoffs, they will lose. Oh, it"s Sunday Night Football as well. Congratulations, Kansas City.

Prediction: Chiefs win 35-20.

Week 3 | 9/26/21 | Baltimore Ravens at Detroit Lions

Detroit has, perhaps, the worst roster in the NFL outside of Houston. making this perhaps the easiest game on the Baltimore Ravens 2021 schedule. While they are retooling the roster for the future, the current construction is fairly barren. Think of this like the 2019 game between the Ravens and Dolphins.

Prediction: Ravens win 42-13

Week 4 | 10/3/21 | Baltimore Ravens at Denver Broncos

In contrast to the Lions, Denver has a strong roster held back by the quarterback position. Outside of quarterback, Denver is on Baltimore"s level, and they might be a hair better, but quarterback is a meaningful position. The Ravens have a former MVP. Denver has a player that would struggle in the XFL.

Prediction: Ravens win 24-9

Week 5 | 10/11/21 | Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore gets its third primetime game in five weeks as they host the Indianapolis Colts for Monday Night Football. In 2020, the Ravens overcame Indianapolis at Lucas Oil Stadium for the team"s lone win in November. This game likely boils down to the performance of Carson Wentz. If there is a defense he would struggle against, it would be Baltimore"s blitz-heavy scheme.

Prediction: Ravens win 26-17

Week 6 | 10/17/21 | Los Angeles Chargers at Baltimore Ravens

While Baltimore is coming off a short week here, the Chargers must make the cross-country flight. Pacific teams are often underprepared after these flights, and Lamar Jackson and the rushing attack may have a massive game.

Prediction: Ravens win 35-20

Week 7 | 10/24/21 | Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens

The scores did not do it justice. When the Cincinnati Bengals and Ravens squared off in 2020, the Ravens blasted the Bengals. While it was only a combined score of 65-6, the on-field dominance resembles 65,000-0. Cincinnati has improved, but Baltimore is likely to sweep Cincinnati for the third-straight season.

Prediction: Ravens win 31-20.

Week 8 | Bye Week

Baltimore heads into the bye with a 6-1 record.

Week 9 | 11/7/21 | Minnesota Vikings at Baltimore Ravens

If there is any game on the entire NFL schedule that would be a flashback to the days of leather helmets; it is this one. Minnesota and Baltimore love to run the football. They both have tremendous schemes, and they have elite rushers. Minnesota should have the slightly superior run-blocking line, and they can win the game in the trenches.

Prediction: Vikings win 23-20

Baltimore Ravens 2021 Schedule: Second Half

Week 10 | 11/11/21 | Baltimore Ravens at Miami Dolphins

Baltimore has won the last three games over the Dolphins and eight of the last nine. The last three, in particular, were gruesome with the Dolphins totaling 16 points. Baltimore has 18 touchdowns. While Baltimore is unlikely to beat the Dolphins by 32, 40, or 49, they should come out on top.

Prediction: Ravens win 27-20

Week 11 | 11/21/21 | Baltimore Ravens at Chicago Bears

This game boils down to who is starting at quarterback for the Chicago Bears. If Andy Dalton starts, expect Baltimore to roll. If Justin Fields starts, Chicago might slip away with the victory. In this example, Fields starts, and the Bears nab a win.

Prediction: Bears win 24-21

Week 12 | 11/28/21 | Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens

Welcome back to prime time. In last year"s installment of Browns-Ravens in prime time, the Ravens won the game of the year 47-42. The Cleveland Browns have improved drastically in 2021, but expect the two AFC North squads to split the season series for the third time in four years.

Prediction: Ravens win 30-27

Week 13 | 12/5/21 | Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers

Perhaps the best rivalry in the NFL, Ravens-Steelers has surprisingly featured a pair of sweeps in the last two seasons. Expect the pair to split its 2021 games with the Steelers striking first.

Prediction: Steelers win 23-20

Week 14 | 12/12/21 | Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns

As mentioned for Week 12, expect a split series from Baltimore and Cleveland.

Prediction: Browns win 31-24

Week 15 | 12/19/21 | Green Bay Packers at Baltimore Ravens

Assuming Aaron Rodgers is the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, this will be a matchup of the last two MVPs. This game will be one of the best games of the season, and it might come down to a last-second field goal. Baltimore secures its ninth win with Justin Tucker‘s heroics.

Prediction: Ravens win 31-28

Week 16 | 12/26/21 | Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati generally keeps one of the matchups with Baltimore close (or wins outright). This is the random game that the Bengals inexplicably cover.

Prediction: Ravens win 24-20

Week 17 | 1/2/21 | Los Angeles Rams at Baltimore Ravens

This is a toss-up game in every sense of the word. While 2019 was a blowout in favor of the Ravens (45-6), the Los Angeles Rams have improved dramatically at quarterback with the trade for Matthew Stafford. For the second time in three weeks, expect a game of the year-caliber game with the Ravens squeezing out a last-second victory.

Prediction: Ravens win 27-24

Week 18 | 1/9/21 | Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens

Similar to 2019, the Steelers and Ravens meet in the final week at M&T Bank Stadium. Unlike 2019, this game is likely to mean something in terms of playoff positioning, especially in the 14-team playoffs era. Whether it is for seeding, the AFC North, or a wild card spot, the winner will almost certainly be playing in playoff football. The loser might not. Now would be an excellent time for Jackson to have a remotely competent game against the Steelers.

Prediction: Ravens 23-17

Upon first glance, a record of 12-5 seems a little high for a Baltimore Ravens 2021 schedule prediction. While Baltimore faces a tough schedule, many of their toughest games are at M&T Bank Stadium. Baltimore is a historically strong home team, so a record of 6-3 or even better could be achievable. There are some difficult games away from home, but the Ravens project to beat the Raiders, Lions, Broncos, Dolphins, and Bengals. This record prediction sees Baltimore go 7-2 at home with losses to the Chiefs and Vikings while adding a 5-3 record on the road, suffering two divisional losses and a Justin Fields coming out party.

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