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Jordan Vucenic vs Morgan Charrière 2 booked for Cage Warriors 124 on June 24th

A featherweight title bout rematch between Jordan Vucenic vs Morgan Charrière has been announced for Cage Warriors 124 on June 24th.

Jordan Vucenic vs Morgan Charrière 2 set to headline Cage Warriors 124

Jordan Vucenic (8-1, 4-0 CW) has won all four of his fights in Cage Warriors via decision, with three of those coming by split-decision, giving a testament to the level of competition ‘The Epidemic’ has faced since entering the organization on his way to the title. Vucenic actually won his shot at the title with a split-decision victory over fellow title contender Paul Hughes at Cage Warriors 119.

Morgan Charrière (16-8, 3-2 CW) had won the vacant featherweight title with a victory over Perry Andre Goodwin at Cage Warriors 119 via a 3rd round TKO. Before his first title defence ended in defeat as Charrière was left devastated as Vucenic won the title off of the French star last time out in a razor-close split-decision victory at Cage Warriors 122 in London.

One of the judges scored the fight in Charrière’s favour, scoring it 49-46 for the Frenchman. While the other two judges saw it the same, 48-47 to the new Cage Warriors featherweight champion Jordan Vucenic.

Despite the loss, Charrière still believes he had done enough to have won the fight telling the Cage Warriors’ website:

“I think I won the first fight, I’m still the champion.”

“The rematch will be a completely different fight, I will make a statement.”

While Vucenic is excited to prove why he is the champion, looking to silence any doubters in the rematch.

“I believe this fight is going to be fought at a crazy pace, with lots of action, and a shocking end before the final bell.”

“I’m very excited to defend my belt and show why I’m destined for greatness in this sport,” he told the organization’s website.

Vucenic actually called for a rematch with title contender Paul Hughes following his victorious claiming of the title at Cage Warriors 122. However, the organization opted for an immediate rematch instead, with Jordan Vucenic vs Morgan Charrière 2 a chance for the Frenchman to right his wrongs and reclaim the title.

Jordan Vucenic vs Morgan Charrière 2 will headline Cage Warriors 124, with York Hall set to host the rematch as it did with their first meeting. Here is the Cage Warriors 124 lineup as it stands:

  • Featherweight title fight: Jordan Vucenic vs Morgan Charrière 2
  • Bantamweight: Nathan Fletcher vs Brian Bouland
  • Welterweight: David Bear vs Justin Burlinson
  • Flyweight: Nicolas Leblond vs Luke Shanks
  • Welterweight: Aaron Khalid vs Jesse Urholin
  • Featherweight: Edward Walls vs Steve Aimable
  • Welterweight: Aleksi Mantykivi vs Madars Bertholds-Fleminas

Who do you see winning the rematch of Jordan Vucenic vs Morgan Charrière? Will we see the French star regain his title? Or will the Englishman continue a new era in the featherweight division? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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