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Carolina Hurricanes vs Tampa Bay Lightning Opening Thoughts

With the Carolina Hurricanes and Tampa Bay Lightning both advancing to the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, a series preview would show that the Carolina Hurricanes vs Tampa Bay Lightning are going to make a good show for anyone who watches. Both teams are likely to put up a tough fight as they look to advance to the semi-finals with the dream of lifting the Stanley Cup. The Lightning will especially look to make a push to pull off two cup wins in a row, while the Hurricanes look to win their first since 2006.

Playoff Series Preview: Key Players

Carolina Hurricanes

Jordan Staal has been the epitome of a playoff captain, leading his team from the front and inspiring them to come from behind on multiple occasions. The player contributes from both ends of the ice, as a veteran two-way forward he is able to push on any special teams unit, as well as getting back to cover for defense when at even strength. As far as a series preview is concerned, he might be one of the most important players for his team, as without him the team’s morale is likely to drop, and they lose a special team’s talisman.

Alex Nedeljkovic has started every playoff game for the Hurricanes and has helped to backstop the previous series. Although this goalie is still considered to be in his rookie season, he has shown no signs of discomfort in the net, having recorded his first-ever playoff shutout during the series against the Nashville Predators. Having had the chance to develop well from his time in the AHL, this player has looked amazing all season, as well as during the Stanley Cup playoffs. The Hurricanes can count on this goalie to make an impact in the series.

Dougie Hamilton has made an impact with his team for a long time now and has shown that he is deserving of the title of an offensive defenseman. The player has put up four points so far during the playoffs this year and has looked like he is constantly hungry for more. The defensive pairing of him and Jacob Slavin have been the top defensive tandem in the league for the majority of the season and throughout the playoffs, showing time and time again that they belong out on the ice, and whether it be in special teams or regular play the two continually make an impact.

Tampa Bay Lightning

Nikita Kucherov has just returned from surgery on his hip and has played amazingly ever since his return. In just six games the player has put up 11 points and shown that he can implement back into the Lightning’s lines seamlessly, making the same silky plays that he has been known for since he entered the league. On the power play, he is a lethal sniper that can put home goals from anywhere in the offensive end, as he can in regular play. The player will likely be a boon for his team, as whenever he is on the ice, plays seem to end up in the back of the net.

Andrei Vasilevskiy is one of the best goalies in the league and has shown that he is up to the challenge that any shooter can give on multiple occasions. During the last round, the goalie made 210 saves to maintain a save percentage of .929. When this goalie gets set, it takes a lot to break his focus, even going as far as to have a shut-out during the last round. Fans can expect this big goalie to make a heavy impact in the series, and likely back-stop a few wins for the Lightning.

Victor Hedman is an elite veteran defenseman and has been in the spotlight for a long time with the Lightning. He is amazing in his defensive end, being able to close shooting lanes, lay the body to disrupt plays, and use his stick effectively to win back possession for his team. When on the offensive, the player is able to help push the puck up the ice and create opportunities, as is evident from his eight assists so far during the playoffs.

On the power play is where he truly shines, as he is able to move the puck effectively to create space for the shooters to bury it in the back of the net. If this player is on the ice, it is gonna be a tough time for the opposition to keep it in his defensive end.

Playoff Series Preview: Carolina Hurricanes vs Tampa Bay Lightning Prediction

Any series preview can see that the Carolina Hurricanes vs Tampa Bay Lightning is going to be hard-fought by both sides, as they both seem determined to fight for the cup. Both teams have a lot of depth, however, the Hurricanes have shown that they are able to come back from behind late in the game.

The Hurricanes will have to look to steady their game, as they have often given up the first goal throughout the playoffs this year, forcing them to play from behind. If they can maintain their endurance, and play the way they do in the latter half of the game throughout the entire game, the Hurricanes could win this series.

Tampa will look to come in strong and score a lot of goals. They will have to keep their wits about them in order to maintain possession, as the Hurricanes are used to playing from behind and coming back when it isn’t expected. A solid rotation of players could see the Lightning edge it out and win this series.

Overall, the Carolina Hurricanes vs Tampa Bay Lightning series will be anyone’s game, and both teams will have to fight hard if they want to advance. Some exceptional plays and beauty goals are expected as the showmen Andrei Svechnikov and Nikita Kucherov take the ice.

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