Jarred Kelenic’s First Homer Recipient: Garrett Mirsky’s Date With Destiny

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Jarred Kelenic’s first homer found it’s way to High School Art Teacher Garrett Mirsky on Kelenic’s second Major League game.

While catching a home run ball at a baseball game is something fans dream of for years and years, Mariner fan Garrett Mirsky not only caught a long bomb, but the first one for top Mariner prospect Jarred Kelenic.

Kelenic, who was called up on May 13th, hit his first home run in his second game with Seattle which was also his first major league hit. The home run found its way to right-center field and right into the hands of high school art teacher and baseball coach Mirsky.

For Mirsky, the stars aligned to get this ball. From accidentally purchasing tickets on the wrong day, from helping a child near him get a batting practice ball before the game, to be alone when the ball was hit, it all seemed to lead up to the moment where Mirsky would forever be part of Kelenic’s legacy.

However, where others might hold onto the ball to either sell it later for a pay-day or sell it to a collector, Mirsky’s thought process was simple. “That ball belongs to Jarred,” said Mirsky. Despite getting offers from nearby fans of upwards of $5,000, he held onto it while T-Mobile Park staff got to him and he was able to make sure it got into Kelenic’s possession.

What Mirsky received for Jarred Kelenic’s First Homer

The normal protocol when a fan catches a milestone ball is that the fan gets to meet the player and make the exchange in person as well as receive maybe an autographed jersey or other items. Due to the pandemic, this was not an option. Mirsky did not leave empty-handed though. He asked for a signed jersey and was able to get that request filled as well as a signed bat from Kelenic.

Mirsky does want one more thing though. “I just want to say congratulations,” said Mirsky. While he did not get to meet Kelenic, he still wants to at least personally congratulate him on his first homer in the big leagues.

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