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Shana Dobson: From Upset of the Year, to Cut by the UFC

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Shana Dobson won’t go down as an MMA legend, and she likely won’t ever be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. “Danger” never won a UFC title, and in fact, out of her six UFC fights, Dobson has only been victorious on two occasions. Yet, she holds a prestigious honor that puts her in the same legendary company as fighters like Miesha Tate, or Holly Holm.

Of course, we’re talking about legendary upsets and while “Danger” never captured a belt, she managed to secure one of these legendary upsets for the record books. So, join us for the tale of one of if not the greatest Women’s MMA upset, and experience the soaring highs and rock bottom lows that this sport goes hand in hand with.

How Shana Dobson Shocked the World and Became One of MMA’s Greatest Gambles

While gambling on fights is much different than gambling on casino games such as blackjack or poker, they are still all essentially chance-based games or bets. The gambler is relying on fate, and just like MMA, many say gambling brings extreme highs and lows as well. And if you happened to make a sizable bet on “Danger” ahead of her fight with Mariya Agapova, then you know exactly the true meaning of that.

At UFC Vegas 7, history would be made when the biggest upset of all-time in Women’s MMA occurred when the +900 underdog Dobson finished the -1375 favorite Agapova via KO/TKO. It was a moment of glory for “Danger”, and surely one that also served as a brief reprieve. As in reality, while this win was a shining achievement, the big picture said this only made Dobson 2-3 in the UFC. Meaning that even if she won her next fight in terrific fashion again, it would still likely not change the fact that she was in imminent danger of being cut by the UFC.

The first round of the fight was a relative stalemate as Shana Dobson and Mariya Agapova traded favorable grappling positions for the large part of the five-minute round. Agapova controlled Dobson’s back for a slight majority of the round with “the backpack” position but no submission or damage would result from this dangerous position and soon it would be lost entirely.

Early into the next round, the pure exhaustion of Agapova was noted by the commentators, and things began looking up for “Danger” after a beautiful sweep from the bottom position would leave Dobson in full mount. Reigning down violent hammer fists, Dobson persisted and soon the referee stopped the fight. Forever etching Shana Dobson’s name into the history books with an upset for the ages!

As per the odds, and Dobson’s poor UFC record (she was on a three-fight skid leading into that fight with Agapova), many were counting “Danger” out. In fact, Shana Dobson knew how big of an underdog she was. Displayed by the fact that you can hear her going: “Woof, Woof!,” after the stoppage in pure underdog fashion.

Life After One of the Greatest UFC Upsets for Shana Dobson

After this ground and pound finish, in an ironic twist of fate, Shana Dobson would go on to lose via that same method in her next fight against Casey O’Neill. This happened back at UFC Vegas 19, and understandably this would be the final straw for the UFC after a now 2-4 run by “Danger”.

The UFC announced her cut on March 11th of 2021, and as of now, Dobson seems to be living a happy life. On the 28th of March, she took to her Instagram and posted a photo of her in the gym with her team and a caption that stated: “The new chapter. We ain’t done yet.”

So is this the end for “Danger”? Or only a fresh chapter? Once a shining 3-1 prospect, she now sits a 4-5 UFC veteran. You could say she joined the UFC too soon; but with the opportunity of The Ultimate Fighter and the money and notoriety that brings, can you blame her?

Leave your thoughts on the Shana Dobson upset, and this piece down in the comments below! Do you think she should’ve turned down the offer to be on TUF, and do you think we’ve seen the last of “Danger” in the UFC?

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