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Top 5 Hockey YouTube Channels

The world of modern sport is diverse and varied, but in terms of the number of fans and betting, the most mass-produced sports are still the familiar games of football and hockey. The first of these is popular worldwide and is comprehensively covered by all kinds of media. Hockey is a game for tough men of the north, and is more popular in the northern hemisphere, where it has found its fierce and moderate fans. The mass media also cover the sport, but unfortunately on a more moderate scale. As nothing can be left empty, the internet has filled the gap. YouTube has given all the fans and gamblers an excellent opportunity to be always up to date with hockey news. This video resource has placed on its vast expanse a variety of sports channels, among which are purely hockey, providing updates on developments in the world of hockey for the general audience, and more specific data for the use of gamblers regulars real and virtual casinos in their betting on sports. Hockey YouTube channels have become a staple for all sorts of fans.

The Best Hockey YouTube Channels

Who owns the information, owns the world. YouTube has provided an opportunity to become the owner of important information in the world of hockey, placing on their resources video channels on the subject. The information we receive can be used for sports betting and not only at a non uk casino. For successful betting and safe earning, the world of virtual gambling provides many of its resources, such as: Gut Casino, Vera John Casino, Rolletto Casino, Leo Vegas, BetVictor and others. Channels about hockey, broadcasting on YouTube have their own hierarchy by the number of subscribers and viewers, each of their thematic focus. These are the main criteria in determining their location in the ranking of video resources. These indicators give a true picture of their popularity in the world of online resources.

First place, of course, takes the same name video resource (27.07.2010) from KHL. The channel has a strict hockey focus, broadcasting games of the Continental League online or providing the best moments in duels, and news blocks on the sport. Everyone can find their own thing here, the fan – enjoy the game, the gambler – information for betting. The resource is popular, with 373,000 potential online casino players signed up and over 300 million views of its broadcasts. This statistic involuntarily arouses respect and a desire to become a subscriber. The channel"s interface has a stylized design with a hockey theme and an accessible and ergonomic control of the page"s functionality.

In second place is the channel of the same orientation, called Hockey Stigg. The resource saw the light of day on the fourteenth of October 2013, and over the years it has managed to gather 226,000 hockey fans under its umbrella, with its video reviews having been viewed more than 22 million times. The resource is packed with hockey news, but its mainstay is educational and entertaining videos – instructional hockey videos, individual and group tactics of the game, picks of the best game moves, and entertaining shows. The channel"s appearance unmistakably gives away its hockey focus. Viewers and gamblers alike have something to enrich themselves with on this resource.

The channel with the original name – Hockey.KNOW OURS – saddled with the third place prize. It was founded in October 2016. The resource covers the National Hockey League, club and fan sectors, with video clips featuring game results, statistics, breaking news, analysis and forecasts, as well as an insider"s information block. Whoever wants can find what they are looking for. The number of fans who have subscribed to the channel exceeds 70 thousand, but the case is not so good with views – only 84 thousand. The resource"s interface is unimpressive, with the usual image of an evening city on it.

The honorable fourth place is occupied by the channel with the sonorous name SKA Hockey Club. Its birthday is October 2, 2011, the day when it made its first official broadcast of the game with the same name team. The debut was quite successful; since then, the channel"s content has been viewed over 20 million times in total, and 55,000 team fans have become subscribers. Hockey is hockey no matter who is playing, so for fans of the team, for fans and gamblers the channel offers video content on games, best moments, funny stories, news of various sports topics. The interface is attractively designed, featuring club logos and flags with the ice arena as a backdrop.

The channel with the intriguing name WHL, which when deciphered turns out to be the Supreme Hockey League, rounds out the top five. This resource is quite young, it is not even a year old (26.08.2020), but it has already tasted its portion of popularity. It has about 20 thousand fans and gamblers subscribed. And not without reason, because the channel is sometimes the only source of live broadcasts of the most interesting matches. Things are not bad when it comes to viewing content – about seven million viewers. As the official channel of the Major League, the resource is only gaining momentum, providing viewers and gamblers with the necessary data, to each his own. The channel"s interface is stark – the WHL emblem.

Hockey YouTube Channels and Online Casinos

As it turns out, the hockey theme is quite widely represented on the above mentioned video resource. Everyone can find the content they are interested in, some need general information, and some are looking for a record of a particular team"s game. There is enough information to make effective bets at online or real casinos. All the more so because the broadcasts are mostly live and the information given is fresh and reliable, you can safely sign up.

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