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Houston Rockets: 3 Huge Reasons Why Stephen Silas Deserves More Credit

Silas had to deal with the dumpster fire that was the beginning of the 2020-21 NBA season. Having the 2nd best player in franchise history demand a trade will derail a franchise. Stephen Silas took the basket of lemons he was handed and made sweet lemonade. The Rockets had a 20 game losing streak starting on February 6th through March 21st. After the losing streak the Rockets only mustered out 6 more wins but the team fought hard every play. Silas was able to convince this young team to compete even when the end result wasn’t what they want.

Stephen Silas has become on of the most likeable coaches in the league. Silas deserves more credit for holding his young team together. The Houston Rockets accumulated a roster full of rookies and young talent over the course of the dreadful 2020-21 NBA season. Stephen Silas was also a rookie head coach but unfortunately he inherited a very sticky situation. It’s impossible to pin the leagues worst record completely on Silas for so many reasons. Stephen Silas led a team that went on a 20 game losing streak yet ended the season on a high note. Coach Silas took all obstacles with smile not letting the uncontrollable destroy what he’s building in Houston.

The Rockets going into the offseason with optimism shows how much the team has grown together. Stephen Silas deserves more credit for how he’s encouraged this group of young men to play hard every night. Going from being looked overlooked to respected around the league Silas has made a name for himself. We’ll look at the three reasons why Stephen Silas deserves more credit.

Stephen Silas Deserves More Credit for his Patience

The Rockets broke the NBA record for most players played in a season with 30 different players on the roster. With that much instability Silas stayed even keeled and made the most out of every opportunity. The Rockets were outclassed in most matchups but the team never backed down, always playing with a chip on their shoulders.

Stephen Silas deserves more credit for being able to navigate the rough circumstances and understanding the end game in this situation. The fact the Rockets ended the season with so much optimism goes to show how much Silas has impacted this team. Being patient, developing the young talent, growing a culture to build around will go a long way.

Stephen Silas Deserves More Credit for His Relatability

Stephen Silas is a rookie head coach but he made a name for himself as an assistant coach/scout over the course of his career. Dating back to 2000 Silas has been apart of NBA basketball and has not disappointed. Silas was the youngest assistant coach ever when he was brought onto the Charlotte Hornets in 2000. Silas is not an ex player but a basketball savant, he has earned his stature also the respect of everyone around the league.

Even though Silas is the son of a NBA legend he has fought his way up the ranks in the NBA. He can relate to the young players that were passed over that used hard work to make it to the apex of the league. You can tell how much respect the players have for Silas. One of the things that caught my eye is that he’s somewhat of a sneakerhead and is also aware of the way social media influences the league. Silas is able to relate to the veterans by watching them evolve as players and can also relate to the younger guys.

Being able to relate to the players he’s leading is a huge aspect to a good coach. Silas understands the privilege his has being the son of a NBA player but also understands how being a black man affects his life. Coaching in a league that is represented by 74% of African Americans but only has 7 black head coaches is a sensitive subject that Silas is fully aware of.

Silas planned a team only dinner for the players on the first day of black history month to have a real discussion on how race matters and affects the minds of his young team. Silas deserves more credit for his subtle activism also his knowledge of history not scared to detail how it relates in present day. Silas told his players how his father a NBA legend was not allowed to walk through the front door or was denied entry into some restaurants and hotels. Having the will to not only want to be a great coach but also a great mentor for the team he coaches is just another reason why Silas deserves more credit.

Stephen Silas Deserves More Credit for His Basketball Knowledge

Having basketball knowledge may be a base level requirement for a NBA head coach but Stephen Silas has a reputation as an offensive genius. Silas also understands that the elite teams have an above average defense to pair next to a dangerous offense. At one point of the 2020-21 season the Rockets had top 5 defense led by Silas and his ability to throw different looks at the opposing teams. Silas was the head honcho of the Mavs highest ranked offense in NBA history in the 2019-20 season so he knows how to manipulate pieces on the court to maximize efficiency.

Silas deserves more credit

Stephen Silas: “We’re trying to build a culture here. We’re trying to build a style of play. We’re trying to build through our young players, allow them to explore their game.”

Silas deserves more credit for so many things and is very underrated for his ability to draw up plays. There’s a reason why players he coached in the past have nothing but good things to say about him. He’s not just book smart with a degree from Brown University. Silas has basketball IQ out of this world and he oozes potential to lead the future of the league as a coach. Being a coach in some capacity for the past 20 years is just another reason why I believe Silas deserves more credit. Too many lifetime coaches are being overlooked in favor for ex players.

Time will tell how much success Silas has as a coach in the NBA but even when put in a tough situation Silas has looked like an absolute pro. In his rookie year Silas was composed, patient, resilient, and has been a joy watch lead the Rockets into the future. There’s plenty of reasons why Coach Silas deserves more credit and respect but the 2 biggest reasons so far are detailed above. Next season has some uncertainties but coach Silas has already weathered a hurricane, the little storm to come will be a cake walk to get through. The next thing to look forward to is how Silas handles himself and his team in the postseason.

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