2021 Cheap Seats Chatter: Doctored Balls, Ozuna and LaRussa

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Another edition of Cheap Seats Chatter is now live on Spotify featuring writers Alex Clark and David Gillespie as they talk about the top stories in baseball.

As the second month of baseball comes to a close, there are no shortage of major stories within the world of Major League Baseball. The team of Alex and David come together for a serious discussion about some very serious topics.

Cheap Seats Chatter: MLB Cracking Down on Pitchers “Doctoring Balls”

The act of doctoring baseballs has been done by pitchers since the dawn of the game itself. This fact does not make it any more legal within the game.

With the spin rates reaching an all-time high and offense reaching an all-time low, there needs to be a reason for it. MLB has been cracking down on pitchers “doctoring baseballs” in order to improve their own pitches including sending off baseballs to a lab to test for foreign substances to get an idea of pitchers who have been using substances.

This will be implemented by umpires who will now have the power to check pitchers for substances at their own discretion.

Cheap Seats Chatter: Marcell Ozuna Arrested

Atlanta Braves outfielder Marcell Ozuna has been arrested for domestic assault with battery and strangulation in Georgia last month. While his MLB future is still in question, the crew discusses their thoughts on what the MLB needs to do about Ozuna and how they need to handle his punishment.

While a suspension is something that is a common practice for the MLB, this is a crime that, if found guilty, may result in complete termination from the league.

Cheap Seats Chatter: Tony LaRussa Wins Milestone

Chicago White Sox Manager Tony LaRussa has been in the news a lot recently, but this time is for a much grander purpose. The hall-of-famer is close to becoming the second most winningest manager in baseball. Tied with John McGraw for second most wins with 2,763, LaRussa’s position as a hall-of-famer is already secured.

The public perception has changed a bit on LaRussa after his recent comments on “unwritten rules” and how he treats his players, but his record alone shows what his career has meant for Major League Baseball.

Cheap Seats Chatter: Trade or Sign

With the trade deadline less than two months away, some of the bigger trade chips are being made more clear. With contracts that are expiring at the end of the season, teams are tasked with deciding whether or not to sign these players long-term, or send them off for a nice return.

Trevor Story is the biggest chip considering he is a phenomenal talent and still is only 27. On a Rockies team that is an extreme longshot for making the playoffs, Story becomes an interesting trade piece that could bring in a premium haul.

Keeping within the infield, Kris Bryant is another player that has been generating some buzz on the trade market. In the final year of his deal, Bryant is playing extremely well on a Cubs team that is leading the NL Central division. While his play would help keep the Cubs at the top of the standings, it is near certain that after this season, Bryant would want a long term deal to stay in Chicago.

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