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Breaking MLB News: Tony LaRussa Becomes Second All-Time Winningest Manager

In breaking MLB news, Chicago White Sox manager Tony LaRussa became the second all-time winningest manager on Sunday in the Sox 3-0 win over the Detroit Tigers. LaRussa, who is in his second stint with the South Siders, recorded his 2,764th career win, passing Hall of Famer John McGraw. McGraw managed for a total of 33 years with the Baltimore Orioles and the New York Giants. He trails only Connie Mack, who amassed a total of 3,731 wins in his 53-year career. Mack managed the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Philadelphia Phillies.

Breaking MLB News: Comparing The Records

While total wins are the benchmark for MLB managers, a comparison of their records is also instructive. With that in mind, here are the records of the top three managers:

Connie Mack: 3,731-3,948 .486

Tony LaRussa: 2,764-2,388 .536

John McGraw: 2,763-1,948 .586

In terms of world championships, Mack won a total of five, while winning nine pennants. LaRussa has won six pennants and three World Series. McGraw won 10 pennants and three World Series. So, of the three, Mack won more World Series while McGraw won more pennants. Of course, times have changed and an argument could well be made that LaRussa"s postseason accomplishments are comparable to those of Mack and McGraw.

In any case, LaRussa"s accomplishment today should in no way be diminished. He has stood the test of time, in spite of many Sox fans who were not thrilled with his hiring. He has thrived for many years in an era of baseball far more competitive than it once was. Considering how baseball has changed since Mack and McGraw prowled their respective dugouts, LaRussa deserves all the plaudits he receives today.

One last point for Sox fans to ponder: If LaRussa manages through the 2030 season, and the Sox average 100 wins per season, the headline would be: Breaking MLB News: LaRussa passes Connie Mack! Many Sox fans might be tempted to laugh at this. After all, some figured that LaRussa would retire as soon as he passed McGraw. However, there has not been an announcement yet, so you never know!

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