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Aaron Boone’s Hot Seat Has Gotten Hotter

No manager in the MLB has been fired yet, however, if a firing were to occur Vegas seems to believe that Aaron Boone will be the first out the door. Currently, the betting favorite at +250, Boone has seen his Yankees scuffle out of the gate, and after this past weekend series against Boston, Bronx fans have been questioning Boone’s job status.

Not All of the Blame is on Aaron Boone

Last year D.J. LeMahieu was third in MVP voting. LeMahieu came into the summer as a free agent and signed a deal with the Yankees. LeMahieu"s batting average has fallen over .100 points and his OPS by almost .400 points. Former MVP Giancarlo Stanton has been dealing with a quad injury this season. He has been in and out of the line-up this season, but since returning, he is batting .087 with eleven strikeouts in 23 at-bats.

The struggles do not stop there either. Gary Sanchez is hitting .210, Clint Frazier a measly .188, and newly-signed Rougned Odor hitting .180. All the cold bats lead to a team that is bottom five in average, bottom five in runs, and top ten in most strikeouts from hitters.

Boone cannot take the at-bats for the players, cannot help the team score runs. He is not the sole reason why the Yankees are 0-18 when they allow at least five runs in a game. But what Boone can control, is his passion for his job, his aggressiveness, and I have not seen either.

The Lack of Passion and Aggression

It"s no secret that Aaron Boone is not pressing any of the right buttons for the Yankees organization. With his indecisions and passiveness with these moves, the Yankees seem to not have responded to him, which begs the question: Has Aaron Boone lost the dugout?

Surely felt that way on Sunday night baseball against heated rival, the Boston Red Sox. On what was a brutal strike three call against Odor, Boone reacted with minor arguments but did not seem to fight for his team.

Instead, we saw two of the Yankees" assistant coaches get up and argue the call, leading to an ejection for both. Aaron Boone is not the most fiery head coaches in baseball, but in a close game on the verge of being swept against his team"s rival, a little fire may have caused the Yankees to put up more of a fight in the extra innings.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the diamond, the Red Sox manager, Alex Cora, has turned around one of the worst teams in baseball last season into one of the better teams in MLB. With passion and pushing the right buttons, Cora led the Sox to sweep the Yankees this past weekend. For example, in what was a turning point in the game, the bottom of the tenth, Cora came out fired up his reliever, let him refocus, and induce a ground ball to end the game.

The flaws are evident for the Yankees coaching staff, and this weekend"s Sunday Night Baseball match-up put them on display for the world to see.

The Yankees are Sleepwalking Through the Season and it is Led by Aaron Boone

It is time to make Aaron Boone"s hot seat a tad hotter. If Boone is the front-office puppet that he is rumored to be, would it be better to totally retool the front office and coaching staff? The Yankees season has been lethargic, and it seems to be a top-down issue.

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