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Vancouver Canucks fans are dying to see the young Canucks contented for the cup once again, but as this past season proved they just are not ready to take that next step. The Canucks are still in the midst of a rebuild, a trade or two to speed up the rebuild would not be the worst thing to happen in Vancouver. Now, let us dive into three potential trades the Vancouver Canucks could make this offseason to speed up the dreaded rebuild.

A Draft Day To Remember

The Vancouver Canucks are no strangers to draft-day trades. They have acquired J.T. Miller, Bo Horvat, and Roberto Luongo on draft day as well as moving former franchise cornerstone Ryan Kesler on draft day. Why should 2021 be any different?

The Vancouver Canucks currently hold the ninth overall pick in the 2021 NHL entry draft. Although the last time the Canucks picked ninth overall it worked out (Bo Horvat) this may be a vital trade chip on draft day. With lots of uncertainty, this year and the Canucks hoping to find themselves in contention again finding an NHL-ready player is the best option.

Although the ninth overall pick in instancing in its own, on its own will not land an impact player the Canucks are in need of. But, involving a player that needs another change of scenery, Nate Schmidt seems to be a viable option.

Nate Schmidt and the ninth overall pick this year could reel in an impact player. If the Vancouver Canucks want to fill a need there is no need to look further than the Columbus Blue Jackets and their “disgruntled” star Seth Jones. Jones has openly said he will not sign long-term in Columbus, therefore this could set the Vancouver Canucks for a great draft night.

The question comes down to will Schmidt and the ninth overall pick land Jones? The answer, probably not, although if the Canucks were to add one of their many prospects to the mix they could add a big body defenseman to play alongside young stud Quinn Hughes. Who would that prospect be though? That would be one of Jack Rathbone or Olli Juolevi.

The Trade: 2021 Ninth Overall Pick, Nate Schimdt, and Olli Juolevi in exchange for Seth Jones

Bottom Six Help

The Vancouver Canucks have a serious lack of bottom-six help, and that hole will get deeper if pending UFA Brandon Sutter departs. Now, this deal may sound crazy, but crazy enough that if you think long and hard about it, it just makes sense.

Loui Eriksson was a failure in Vancouver. Now if he was signed for significantly less than $6 million a year we would not be having this conversation but he did and we are. Vancouver could just bury Eriksson and the last year of his contract or Benning and crew could move him for a contract equally as bad with an extra year remaining, if you are catching my drift this trade is with the division rival Calgary Flames for Milan Lucic.

Before Canucks fans come out with pitchforks there are a couple of factors to this trade. First Eriksson is not useable in Vancouver and he has proved it time and time again. While Lucic is playable in the bottom six and brings toughness to the Canucks young lineup. Second, a one-for-one Eriksson for Lucic swap does not make much sense but if the Flames add a pick to the deal it is worth it for both parties.

The Trade: Loui Eriksson in exchange for Milan Lucic and 2022 Fourth Round Pick

Reuniting The Knights

One of the biggest question marks surrounding the Vancouver Canucks year in and year out is Bo Horvat’s linemates. Although Tanner Pearson has been a staple alongside Horvat it never seems to be enough.

The best fit for Horvat seems to be a long-time friend and former teammate Max Domi. Domi has one year reaming on his current deal with the Blue Jackets worth around $5 million. How could the Vancouver Canucks pull this deal off though?

There are many routes the Canucks could take in order to land Domi the Canucks may need to sell some of their future. Success comes at a cost, right? To get the ball moving the Canucks could offer young defenceman Jalen Chatfield, who could fill a void left by a potential Seth Jones departure. Although Chatfield for Domi is undoubtedly not in the cards, there is more. The Canucks could also include prospect Jonah Gadjovich, which may hurt in the long wrong but does help land Horvar a much need linemate. The Canucks would also add a future pick, preferably their 2023 third-round pick. Then the “cherry on top” the slight cap dump in Jake Virtanen.

The Trade: Jalen Chatfield, Jonah Gadjovich, Jake Virtanen, and 2023 Third Round Pick in exchange for Max Domi.

Bonus Trade With CBJ: 2021 Ninth Overall Pick, Nate Schimdt, and Olli Juolevi, Jake Virtanen, Jalen Chatfield in exchange for Seth Jones and Max Domi.

Final Thoughts For Any Vancouver Canucks Trades

The Vancouver Canucks need to make a shake-up to speed up their rebuild and the 2021 offseason is a great opportunity to pull it off. They may not be able to pull in Jones or Domi but if they could things in Vancouver would be significantly different. Canucks fans should be confident Benning will make a splash with his job on the line. The question remains for now, what will Benning do to improve the Vancouver Canucks?

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