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Yankees Trade Rumors: Searching for Answers in Center Field

Yankees trade rumors are really starting to heat up surrounding the center field position. With Aaron Hicks undergoing wrist surgery it looks like he will miss the rest of the season and the Yankees don’t have a ton of options on their current roster. Brett Gardner is no longer an everyday option at this point in his career, while Aaron Judge makes much more sense staying in right field considering his skillset and injury history of his own.

There are much younger options in the Yankees minor leagues, such as Estevan Florial and Jasson Dominguez, but they are not quite ready yet to face major league pitching. Ryan LaMarre is nearing his return from injury but he"s not really meant to be an everyday center fielder either.

The Yankees could opt to use a platoon approach at the position with the options they already have on the roster but it seems much more likely that GM Brian Cashman will make a move before the trade deadline. He is usually active when that time of year arrives and there"s no reason to believe that this year would be any different. Centerfield is a glaring need for the Yankees right now and there are multiple options if they choose to address it via trade.

Yankees Trade Rumors: 3 Center Field Options

There are a number of center field candidates that could potentially be made available at the trade deadline. The usual factors will come into play such as contract status and team situation. Considering the options that may be out there and combined with team needs, here are 3 possible center field trade targets for the Yankees.

You Had Me at Gallo

Joey Gallo is a big name to keep an eye on at the trade deadline this year. The Texas Rangers are a rebuilding team and Gallo is a veteran with good trade value right now. He is on a relatively cheap contract and is under team control through the 2022 season. This also means that the Rangers do not need to trade him this year, but the longer they wait the more his value would go down. If they want to maximize their return, then trading him this year would be their best option.

There are two big reasons why his name is included in Yankees trade rumors. He both fits in with their team philosophy at the plate while also filling a need. He is more than capable of playing center field and has logged over 300 major league innings there. He is one of the most powerful hitters in baseball and the Yankees are a team that believes home runs are the path to victory on offense. He is also a lefty batter, which is something that the Yankees do not have enough of, especially when it comes to sluggers.

Just Tapia It In

In all likelihood, the Colorado Rockies are going to be sellers at the trade deadline. Raimel Tapia is one of the names that they could choose to shop around. He is financially very affordable and under team control through 2023 which is what would make him an attractive trade target. The Rockies don"t have to move him yet but, similar to Gallo, moving him this year would likely maximize their return. If he is made available, he could definitely be included in Yankees trade rumors.

Tapia would bring skills to the Yankees that would improve some of their weaknesses. Speed and base running are two of the main things on offense that he could really help them with. He is also a left-handed hitter while the Yankees have an abundance of righties. The type of player that Tapia is and what he brings to the table could be the breath of fresh air that this team appears to need. He would help the Yankees become a little more dynamic.

Wish Upon a Starling

Starling Marte is on an expiring contract with the Miami Marlins. It is unlikely that they will sign him to an extension, so it would be wise for them to trade him away for something rather than let him walk away for nothing at the end of the year. His contract situation combined with his age makes him an ideal candidate to be moved at the trade deadline this year and for a cheap price tag. It probably wouldn"t take more than a lower-level prospect to acquire him.

Marte would solve the center field problem that the Yankees have this year. He is also a solid batter that would help them offensively as well. As a bonus, he brings speed, base running, and a threat of steals to a Yankees team that doesn"t have much at all. Of all the Yankees trade rumors surrounding the center field position, Marte just may be the most obvious solution when considering all of the factors involved.

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