Suns vs Clippers Series Preview: Who Will Make the Finals?

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The western conference semi-finals have concluded as it is Suns vs Clippers in the conference finals.

The Suns defeated the Lakers and the Nuggets, while the Clippers beat the Mavericks and the Jazz to advance to their first conference finals in franchise history.

Both sides will be in uncharted territory, with the Clippers having never made the NBA finals, and the Suns haven’t made the Finals since 1993

So without further ado, let’s get into the key details of this Western Conference Finals matchup

Suns vs Clippers: This Season

The Phoenix Suns have had a major turnaround from last season, finishing 2nd in the west just one game behind the Utah Jazz. And we all know the reason for this change of fortunes, and that is Chris Paul. Paul was signed in the free agency of the last offseason and has proved to be the veteran point guard that was much needed in a very young, inexperienced Suns team.

The Clippers haven’t had the best of regular seasons, probably due to the shortened offseason and the dampened spirits after bottling a 3-1 lead in last year’s NBA playoffs in the bubble.

However, they didn’t let the regular season affect their playoff performance, as they beat Luka Doncic’s Dallas Mavericks 4-3 and breezed past the Utah Jazz in a surprisingly swift fashion.

Suns vs Clippers: Path to the Finals

After beating two injury-riddled teams in the Lakers and the Nuggets, the Phoenix Suns have had an arguably easy route to the conference finals.

The Clippers faced some early scares as the Mavericks forced a game 7. However, they fought through the first round and beat the Utah Jazz in six games.

Suns vs Clippers: Injury Problems

Both sides will face some adversity in this series as the Suns will be without main man Chris Paul as he is in COVID-19 health and safety Protocols.

The Clippers will likely be without Kawhi Leonard for the whole series, as reports suggest he could have suffered an ACL injury. However, nothing is confirmed yet.

Both absences will affect the teams heavily. However, I think the Suns will be hit the hardest, as Chris Paul is the main reason for the Suns’ turnaround and such a good regular season and playoffs so far.

Suns vs Clippers: Previous Meetings

The Suns and Clippers have faced off three times this season, with the Clippers winning two out of the three.

The games have been tight, though, as none of the teams have won by more than 10 points, so don’t expect many blowout games this series.

Suns vs Clippers: Prediction

Despite the absence of Chris Paul (which won’t last the whole series), I think the Suns have enough to defeat the Kawhi-less Clippers, and I think they will do it in six games.

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