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Three Reasons the Sacramento Kings Offseason Will Be Exciting

This Sacramento Kings offseason should be exciting, full of big possibilities and potential changes. After having a fighters chance at the 2020-21 NBA Playoff Play-In, the Sacramento Kings fell just short, missing the playoffs for the 15th straight season. Though, there is a lot for Kings fans to be excited about!

Read ahead for three reasons I think the Sacramento Kings will have an EXCITING offseason.

BIG Trade Possibilities

One way the Sacramento Kings may cause the biggest stir this offseason could be through trades. The typical names keep coming up in Kings trade talk – Buddy Hield, Marvin Bagley III, Harrison Barnes, and even a lottery draft selection to dangle in front of teams.

The Kings are not a big free-agent destination, in fact, many Kings fans point to Vlade Divac signing in Sacramento as their last big free-agent signing back in 1998, YEESH. One thing ‘holding back’ the Kings in the free-agent market, and trade market is Buddy Hield’s big contract. Yes, Buddy is one of the best shooters in the NBA, and I think could be a great 6th man, but his contract holds back the Kings in multiple ways.

Marvin Bagley III has been injured most of his NBA career. Bagley hasn’t put up bad numbers in his limited time in the NBA, 14.5 points and 7.5 rebounds per game. Though, some point to his lack of defensive IQ as a HUGE hindrance to his growth and the success of the Kings. I think Bagz could be a sweet add-on to a Buddy Hield trade, to soften Buddy’s salary impact by adding a player with huge upside in Bagley.

If the Kings do end up trading Bagley and he does well in the future … what will Kings fans say? I’m sure if you’re a Kings fan, you have a few ideas. One thing Kings fans do well viciously fall in love with players. Fortunately, I guess, for Kings fans, Bagley III hasn’t really endeared himself to the SacTown fanbase, which will make the negative noise much less if he does get traded.

Harrison Barnes is usually in trade talks when it comes to the Sacramento Kings and pieces that other teams would actually value. I personally hope the Kings keep Harrison. Though he may never be a ‘superstar’, I think he will stay consistent as he ages. Long term, I think the black falcon could be a great piece off of the bench, on a playoff-series-winning Kings team.

The Kings are a team that is trying to make the playoffs next year, while still needing to improve their current roster. That’s while playing in a tough western conference that’s only getting tougher. The Kings scored the 9th selection in the 2021 NBA Draft. While it would be awesome to get an impact rookie, like Tyrese Haliburton, that may not be the case. If the Kings can package their lottery selection in a trade to get an impact player who is ready to contribute to a playoff team … let’s do it!

Lottery Selection

The Kings hold 9th draft spot in the upcoming NBA draft. Many exciting things can happen with that selection.

The Kings front office struck some draft gold like it was 1849 in Sutter Creek, CA with the selection of Tyrese Haliburton 12th overall in the 2020 NBA draft. Haliburton was playing so well this past season, he was one of the contenders for the NBA rookie of the year award until a late-season injury scare sidelined him and his chances at the NBA rookie of the year award. Regardless, Haliburton should be a crucial part of the Kings success in the future. Alongside De’Aaaron Fox, the guard duo has been dubbed ‘SacTown 5-0’ by Kings commentator Doug Christie.

With the Kings wanting (and NEEDING) to make the PLAYOFFS in 2021-22, they aren’t exactly in need of a high draft selection to groom for the future. It would be awesome if the Kings currently had the roster to make the playoffs while being able to train a lottery pick to make an impact in the future. Realistically though, the Kings are not currently in that position.

Many things will impact what the Kings choose to do with their lottery pick: What value the number 9 pick has to other teams, along with what they do in terms of trades and free agency. If the Kings make an IMPACT trade before the draft, they may be in the position to use their lottery selection. But, one of the most valuable trade assets the Kings possess is their lottery selection.

If the Kings do choose to keep their draft selection I have a few questions …. What position/type of player do you think the Kings should look to select in the draft? Or do they just select the BEST player, regardless of position?

Richaun Holmes Contract

Over the last few seasons, Richaun Holmes has been one of the best stories in SacTown and in the NBA. Holmes has worked hard and hasn’t just floated to earning this upcoming payday. Holmes has been one of the top players in the NBA in terms of field goal percentage over the last couple of seasons with the Kings. He is known for his soft floater, along with the ability to screen, roll and throw down a monstrous lob. His humble, high energy style has made him a fan favorite in SacTown.

Holmes seems like a great fit alongside ‘SacTown 5-0’ but will the price tag deter the Kings front office from re-signing Holmes? Some ‘chatter’ around the NBA project that Holmes could garner up to $18 million dollars a year, for a 4 year contract. If that is the case, the Kings will have a tough time re-signing Holmes, unless they make some other roster moves to free up cap space.

A few questions I have …. How does Holmes’ style of play fit with the long-term vision of the Kings? How can Bagley III and his style of play, and future contract situation, fit in with Holmes? Is Holmes the best ‘fit’ at starting center with the current Kings roster? Do the Kings even have enough money to re-sign Holmes? How much is Holmes valued across the league? I still have a few more questions … maybe I should just call into D-Lo and KC and ask them!

Sacramento Kings Offseason Excitement

It is bound to be an exciting summer for the Sacramento Kings and their fanbase!

What do you think the Kings will do? What do you WANT the Kings to do? Let us know YOUR opinion on Twitter @sactowncrown

GO Kings!

-Tom Witt

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