Fantasy Baseball Tips: Inside Help to Winning Your Fantasy League

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For fantasy leagues, fantasy baseball isn’t particularly the most popular of the fantasy sports leagues. However, it is meant for the biggest diehard fans of baseball. And nothing is more fun than winning your fantasy league.

To do so, it is important to listen to various fantasy baseball tips to try to better your team for the matchups and the hopeful championship runs that are sure to come. This article can be used as a guide for those looking to get started in the fantasy baseball game or for people looking to better their teams to make those runs at the league crown.

Winning Your Fantasy League: Balancing good hitters and pitchers

One important fantasy baseball tip is to have a good balance of hitters and pitchers in your lineup. If your lineup is to one-sided, for example, your batters are exceptional however your pitchers are awful, your team isn’t going to win many games. Depending on how your league scores players at the various positions, having that balance of batters and pitchers in your lineup is a surefire way to make a playoff run in your league. For example, in one of the fantasy leagues that I was in, I had the eighth and ninth picks. With the eighth pick, I took Washington Nationals outfielder, Juan Soto, and with the ninth pick, I took New York Yankees ace, Gerrit Cole. In that situation, it is ok to take two batters back to back as well, as long as you can get good pitching in the next round then you will be ok.

Winning Your Fantasy League: Watch how things are scored

This fantasy baseball tip varies depending on how your league is run. Keeping an eye on how your league is scored can have an impact on how someone can draft. For example, lets say that the commissioner of your league values stolen bases a lot and issues a good amount of points per stolen base. Something like that could have someone like Trea Turner or anyone else who steals bases and can hit well, get drafted higher than expected. Another example could be, if your league gives out high points for relief pitchers who issue a lot of saves and holds. This could entail players such as Aroldis Chapman, Kenley Jansen and Josh Hader to be drafted in the near to high rounds. Take a close look at how your league scores so that way you can draft effectively.

Winning Your Fantasy League: The Value of Backups

The importance of a good bench can make or break your chances of winning a fantasy league. This is one of the fantasy baseball tips that I personally like to utilize in the leagues that I am. The first part that makes this important is to first have good players off the bench. In the instance that one of your players gets injured and gets put on the IL you can have a solid backup that won’t hurt your team. The second part that makes this one of the most fantasy baseball tips is to have a diverse bench. Make sure your bench isn’t saturated with one single position. As a manager, you don’t want multiple players that play the same position on your bench when there are holes in your lineup.

Winning Your Fantasy League: Look for players that play multiple positions

Look for players that can play multiple positions, a player that is quite valuable in fantasy baseball is St. Louis Cardinals player, Tommy Edman. On the ESPN fantasy app, not only is he putting up good fantasy numbers, however, he has that edge in fantasy due to him being able to play the third base, shortstop, second base, and outfield positions. Someone like New York Yankees infielder, DJ Lemahieu also has good fantasy value, not just because he is a hitting machine, however, he can play the second base, first base, and third base positions in fantasy. When you have holes in your lineup and can make adjustments so your lineup is as full as it can be, can help your team win potential matchups.

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