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On Tuesday the Ottawa Senators organization made an all-important contract extension. Troy Mann the head coach for the Senators affiliate AHL team signed a two-year extension. Why would resigning a head coach from the Belleville Senators be so important?

Troy Mann Is An Important Part Of The Rebuild

How is an AHL head coach an important part of a rebuilding situation? The AHL is more of a development league for the NHL. That is basically what Troy Mann exceeds at. He develops players at a very fast rate and moves them up to head coach DJ Smith and the Ottawa Senators.

Troy has developed great players in the past few seasons to get them to the NHL. This bright mind developed players like Drake Batherson, Nick Paul, and Josh Norris into NHL regulars. At least 35 more players were sent up to the NHL Senators for at least one game in the three seasons Mann has been head coach.

This is what Troy Mann had to say about the signing:

“My focus is on the Belleville Senators and winning here and getting as many players up to D.J. and his staff as quick as possible. There was never a question for me about what I wanted to do, this is what me and my family wanted.”

Basically, the Senators have drafted well. Mann’s job is to install proper development of those young talents.

What Has Troy Mann Done For The Belleville Senators

Troy Mann has coached the Belleville Senators for three seasons before the extension. He has posted a 93-67-8-6 record in those three seasons. In 2020 he led the Sens to a first-place lead in the AHL North. Unfortunately, they had to halt the season in March due to the Covid19 outbreak.

Mann has one focus and that’s to develop the players quickly. At the same time, he wants to finish what they started in 2020 and coach the franchise’s first playoff spot.

Troy Mann says: “talk playoffs every day out of camp and getting to the postseason is crucial for development”.

Next Step For Troy Mann

Before Mann signed his extension the front office was getting a lot of pressure. Rightfully so. His former contract was expiring at the end of June and it would cause a complete breakdown of the rebuilding phase if they didn’t complete a deal. If he didn’t sign he could have easily been able to get a job in a couple of vacant sots in the AHL. This of course did not happen.

The two-year extension contract is a perfect contract to buy Troy Mann time for the next step. There will be two more seasons for solid prospects and two more seasons to give the Ottawa Senators what they need to succeed. Head coach of the Ottawa Senators DJ Smith has no reason to build a playoff team in the next two seasons. If he fails his predecessor should be Troy Mann.

Troy Mann And His Best Developed Prospects

Drake Batherson is only 23 years old and he did great in his first full season this year. He was a main component of the Ottawa Senators 23 wins. Batherson scored 17 goals and 17 assists. This includes three game-winning goals and 15 power-play points. The youngster only had eight penalty minutes.

Nick Paul the last two years has blossomed into an elite penalty killer with a work ethic like none other. Paul, who scored the winning goal for Canada, has nifty hands and an electric shot as well. He is age 26 and his contract is about to expire soon. He played 56 games in 2021 and scored 20 points (5 goals and 15 assists). For his career, he played 168 games with 48 points(18 goals and 30 assists).

Josh Norris had an excellent rookie season where he played tough minutes and came out of it with great results at both ends of the ice and solid scoring as well.


Troy Mann can do it all. His main objective has always been met and that’s to develop young talent. Everyone can’t wait to see who he develops next.

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