Should the Lakers Sign Otto Porter Jr?

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Should the Lakers sign Otto Porter Jr? Can the Lakers sign Otto Porter Jr? Both tough questions to answer as the Lakers are in a tough spot this offseason.

They are already over the salary cap, they have players they need to resign, and have a lot of improvements they need to make. They may have to miss out on some of the bigger free agents such as Lonzo Ball and DeMar DeRozan.

Porter will become a free agent after earning an average of $26,631,244 a year, for the last four years. It’s fair to say that he will not be seeing a contract that good this offseason.

Even when the Washington Wizards gave him that contract, it was seen as a big overvaluation. He will be making significantly less in the future.

Is it possible that the Lakers sign Otto Porter Jr this free agency? Why not.

Can the Lakers Sign Otto Porter Jr?

Otto Porter Jr has been on a contract that was worth a lot more than he deserved. Now he needs to show teams his new value.

What better way to do this than to have a great season with a championship contender?

Porter has had injury troubles for a while now. This year he only played 28 games, only three of those were with the Orlando Magic.

The year before that he only played 14 games. In the 2018-19 season, he only played 56 games. So the last time he played over 60 games in a regular-season was three years ago.

This definitely should have made teams question if they can trust Porter to stay healthy throughout the course of their season. This question will decrease his free agency value significantly.

Injuries have stopped him from proving that he deserves any sort of big contract, he needs a run without them to show he can be trusted to stay healthy and add to a team trying to win.

Signing for $9.5 million, with the Lakers next year does exactly that. It gives him the chance to show that he deserves more if he does.

He can show what he brings to a championship team. If the Lakers sign Otto Porter Jr using their mid-level exception, it benefits both sides.

As the contract is only for a season, if for some reason Porter wants to leave for a bigger contract or a preferred destination, he can. He can show what he can do for a season and put some more value on his name, and get paid even more for the following seasons, and possibly secure a long-term deal.

Why Should the Lakers Sign Otto Porter Jr?

Otto Porter Jr would be a great pick-up, don’t let the fact that he was overpaid, distract you from how good he is. He would be a good addition to most teams, especially one contending for a championship.

One of the best things about Frank Vogel and the Lakers is defense. The Lakers are a great defensive team so adding players that are capable on defense is important in order to maintain that.

Should the Lakers sign Otto Porter Jr, they are adding another capable defender to their ranks. A 6’8 capable perimeter defender would improve the Lakers defense without a doubt.

Another important part of his game is, he’s also capable shooter.

We all know how bad the Lakers need capable, consistent shooters. He’s a career 40.2% three-point shooter, although that is only on 3.3 attempts.

In the 2018-19 season, where he only played 56 games, he averaged 4.6 three-point attempts and was making 40.6%. In those 15 games, he played for the Chicago Bulls that season he took 5.3 attempts and shot 48.8%.

So he is definitely a capable three-point shooter, a consistent ‘3&D’ guy is what the Lakers need, maybe if the Lakers sign Otto Porter Jr he will be that guy.

He would also be a better use of their mid-level exception than Montrezl Harrell was. Don’t get me wrong, Harrell is a good player.

I don’t think there are many Lakers fans that would have a bad word to say about him, but Vogel didn’t feature him much in the postseason.

The Lakers need to use their MLE contract on someone that will get significant minutes and can be used. There are limited situations that you can Harrell in due to his height, and defense.

This year the Lakers need to use their exception on someone like Porter, who can be used in every series and play a big part in the team.

Reasons Why the Lakers May Not Sign Otto Porter Jr

One of the reasons why the Lakers may opt to not pursue Otto Porter Jr is a reason why his value will make him a realistic target. His injury history.

The Lakers need to stay fully healthy next year. Their playoff run was ended very early because they weren’t able to stay healthy.

Not just in the postseason, but throughout their entire season. If the Lakers sign Otto Porter Jr, there is always the risk that he will have injury problems.

If he can stay healthy, however, there is no doubt that he would be a great addition to the team. He is someone who can also help in scoring, don’t let his low averages fool you.

He is someone who is willing to be aggressive and attack the basket, as well as catch and shoot. Although, we have to understand that there is a big risk in signing him.

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