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Christian Eriksen: “Oh S**t, I’m only 29 years old!”

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The doctor who treated Denmark‘s Christian Eriksen spoke to German media about the “moving moment” at which he brought the Danish midfielder back to life after he collapsed and his heart stopped during his country’s opening Euro 2020 game.

I was in the stands on the opposite side as he collapsed. At first I didn’t think anything of it. But then I saw how the Danish team doctor was acting in quite a hectic manner. I recognised that it was no normal injury.

The players had their heads in their hands. At which point I gave the sideline team a sign and they ran on to the pitch. They had a defibrillator with them. I then told my colleagues I was sitting with in the stands: ‘We have to go on to the pitch.’

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An electric shock was administered to the 29-year-old after a few minutes of heart massage, German doctor Jens Kleinfeld told the Funke media group in an interview published Thursday.

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – JUNE 17: Fans of Denmark place a flag out with a message of love and support for Christian Eriksen of Denmark during the UEFA Euro 2020 Championship Group B match between Denmark and Belgium at Parken Stadium on June 17, 2021 in Copenhagen, Denmark. (Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)

About 30 seconds later, the player opened his eyes and I could talk to him directly. Eriksen then replied, “Yes, I am back with you” and, “oh s**t, I’m only 29 years old!” That’s when I knew the brain wasn’t damaged and he had fully returned. He [Danish team doctor] initially failed to grasp the extent of the situation.

When you start a resuscitation you need to do it as quickly as possible. But the team doctors are mainly treating many other injuries, which is why it’s more difficult for them to immediately recognise sudden cardiac death.

Electric shock treatment prominently has a higher success rate in healthy professional athletes compared to normal patients with pre-existing conditions, I was 99 percent sure in the stadium that he would arrive at the hospital and remain stable.

Jens Kleinfeld via Bild

Eriksen responded successfully to commands and was fully conscious in the stadium, Kleinefeld said, but it took time to equip him with all the monitors required for safe transport to hospital.

Denmark, who are set to play England in the semi final at Wembley on Wednesday, are doing their legendary number 10 proud with their performances so far.

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