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Interview With Cage Warriors Prospect Adam Cullen

Cage Warriors lightweight Adam Cullen put in another stunning display in his second professional fight against Josh Plant. In less than two minutes, Cullen ended the fight with a second rear-naked choke finish in the past six months.

Cullen trains with the most talented fighters in the UK, Liverpool’s own NextGen. He made the walk into the cage for the first time as a professional fighter at Cage Warriors 117 in December 2020. After a strong start on the feet, Cullen showed his magic on the ground by working himself from front to back of his opponent Oscar Ownsworth. He found the choke in under three minutes of the first round.

Cullen got another submission win in his second pro fight. After beating his first opponent in 2:53, Cullen finished Josh Plant in 1:42 at Cage Warriors 123. With big aspirations lined up in his future, Cullen has shown he has all the capabilities to go and destroy everyone in his path.

Two Wins Down, Onto the Next.

First of all, congratulations on your win. How did you feel about your performance in the one minute and 42 seconds it lasted?

Adam Cullen – Thank you, I felt great going in there. My team and I had prepared well for Plant. The entire camp we recognized, Plant is a fast starter and likes to get into wars. We were prepared for a tough fight. When I got the takedown, I knew I was too high level for him. I knew the finish was coming in that first round. Happy with the performance, could not have gone any better, excited to move onto the next one.

You have two finishes in your first two pro fights. Is this something you expect from yourself, or are you shocked with how well your performing?

Adam Cullen – No, I fully expect myself to finish every fight. We train every day to finish fights, so it’s always the plan when I get in there.  I expect nothing less. I’m not surprised, to be honest. I train super hard. I do all the right things. I’m dedicated, and I have the best team behind me. I’m not surprised by my past performances. I expect every fight to go that way. I feel I’m levels above everyone at lightweight.

What was training like leading up to the fight with the pandemic still going on?

Adam Cullen – Training has been slightly different. Restrictions have been changing all the time, but I try not to let that affect me. I can’t control it at the end of the day. I try to focus on what I can control and believe I will perform regardless. 

You’ve finished your fights with two rear-naked chokes. Is that a move you work hard on, and would it be your ideal finish?

Adam Cullen – Yeah, we drill back taking and chokes every day at the gym, so I’d say I’m not surprised both my wins have been by RNC seems only right. NextGen is starting to be known for our RNC. I wouldn’t say I had an ideal finish. I’m looking to finish the fight in every position in the fight.  I’ll take a finish anywhere I can get one.

Nearly all your NextGen teammates came out on top at the trilogy. What did you think of their performances?

Adam Cullen – I think we are really starting to show as a team that we are levels above the competition in the UK. We had fantastic performances against tough opponents from Nathan Fletcher, Matthew Bonner, and Liam Gittins, all winning by RNC. It leaves no doubt in anyone’s mind that they were the better fighters. Even in the guys that didn’t get the result, both looked super impressive and dominant before getting caught. That happens in MMA, and they will be back better and stronger next time. NextGen will be making serious waves over the next few years. Mark my words.

What do you think is next for you in Cage Warriors? With you not going past the first round yet, are you wanting your biggest challenge yet?

Adam Cullen – I don’t particularly have my eye on anyone; whoever they decide that will be. It doesn’t matter to me. I know I will smash anyone they put in front of me. Don’t be surprised if I finish everyone I fight this year.

What are your goals and aspirations for the future?

Adam Cullen – I want to carry on training and win more fights. I know that the Cage Warriors belt is in my not too distant future, and the UFC belt after that; I’ve just got to keep working. I’ll go one fight at a time and keep dominating people until there’s no doubt; that’s my only goal.

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