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July 10th is set to be a monumental day for the mixed martial arts world, with one of the biggest trilogies of all time in Dustin Poirier vs. Conor McGregor and an underground African promotion set to catch the eyes of the world. Kenya is almost set for its highly anticipated fourth installment of MMA promotion LFNE Championship. With so much to cover and many new faces for fans watching the event, let’s take a look at some featured bouts set to take place on the card.

Samwel Kalawa vs. Stephen Wechuli

When “The Killer” and “The Cobra” meet in the octagon, it is set to be fireworks. With both fighters having an undefeated record, this bout has a lot on the line. With such a broad arsenal, these athletes are looking to deliver some unforgettable performances. Power and technique are quite a theme within this Kenyan promotion. It is just so extraordinary to see such amazing talents.

Overhands are definitely the deadliest weapon from both of these guys, but the threat of grappling from Wechuli makes it more interesting. Kalawa should look to rip at the body, create distance, and put himself in a position where he can load up a counter strike. On the other hand, “The Cobra” should use heavy feints and push for a takedown.

Michael Omondi vs. Stephen Sewe

Another display of beautiful violence is set for LFNE 4. These two powerhouses are ready to swing until the final bell if it is even heard. Both men share minimum experience, but the training in the gym has prepared them to go to war. You can be sure to see slams, heavy hooks, and devastating kicks in this lightweight matchup.

“Jai White II” will look to make a highlight reel finish with heavy pressure and looping punches. However, straight punches are always more successful, so the game plan for “Boyka II” is simple; pull the trigger before Omondi.

Lena Kinya vs. Mercy Dan

The first of three female bouts is a fight between two talented flyweights. Kinya can grab undercooks instantly in the clinch, and this usually leads to her securing a takedown.

Dan has amazing takedown reversals and can sit comfortably in dominant positions whilst working for the finish. With such decorated wrestlers entering the cage, we should be prepared for these two fighters to put on an entertaining fight. This could turn out to be a striking battle for the ages.

Praxides Oduori vs. Mary Gathambi

Before we jump into the co-main and main event of LFNEC 4, let us take a look at the last featured bout behind the headliners. The 2-0 Oduori looks to take out the debuting Gathambi. With many weapons that she has perfected, the job doesn’t look that difficult on paper. A debuting Gathambi will look to make this a difficult yet interesting bout. The hard work she has been putting in is sure to show in the cage.

“Zulfa” has no previous bouts, so this means that there is no evidence of weaknesses and/or strengths. Heading into this matchup, it is hard to predict who will come out on top. Oduori has solid striking and will use it for a clinch against the cage. She will look to beat up the body and work for a finish.

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