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An All-Time ‘Juiced’ Up Home Run Derby

The Home Run Derby is set in Colorado where some of the game’s longest dingers are hit. Now imagine a world where some of MLB’s best steroid sluggers (in their prime) have a hypothetical derby battling it out for the crown. It would certainly be juiced, with smash hits and some very big home runs.

The Juiced Up Competitors

#1: Jose Canseco

What is a steroid derby without one of the most notorious users? Canseco"s career is remembered in infamy and taking a ball off of the noggin, but that does not take away from the monstrous home runs he would hit in Colorado.

#2: Barry Bonds

The ‘home run king" would be right at home at a long time divisional rival"s stadium. Bonds has put more than his fair share of balls into McCovey Cove out in San Francisco, so imagine what he could do in the high altitude of Denver!

#3. Mark McGwire

There is no ‘Big Mac" Land at Coors Field, but McGwire will still put on a show with jaw dropping distance on his home runs in the derby.

#4: Sammy Sosa

That video shows Sosa hitting a ball an estimated 520 feet, and that is just in Chicago. Imagine the show that Slammin" Sammy would put on for the All Star crowd in Colorado.

#5: Alex Rodriguez

A-Rod has a whopping 696 home runs over the span of his career, but the question is how many of his 40-50 home run seasons were aided with the use of steroids? It will not matter in this hypothetical contest however, as he as well as the other participants will be in juiced up shape putting baseballs into orbit.

#6: Manny Ramirez

Ramirez has hit the farthest home run in Skydome history at a whopping distance of 491 feet. Get Manny to be Manny in some altitude, and he has a shot to take down every hitter in the contest.

#7: Rafael Palmeiro

Although Palmeiro did not look as big as the other players on the list, Miguel Tejada admitted that he had injected him with steroids. A career 569 home runs and an admission from a teammate that Palmeiro was ‘juiced" makes him worthy contender for the juiced up derby.

#8: Jason Giambi

Giambi may not have the distance on his home runs that the other juiced-up competitors possess, but a career of 440 dingers makes him a worthy adversary in the hypothetical derby.

The Match-Ups

  • #1: Jose Canseco vs. #8: Jason Giambi
  • #2: Barry Bonds vs. #7: Rafael Palmeiro
  • #3: Mark McGwire vs. #6: Manny Ramirez
  • #4: Sammy Sosa vs. #5: Alex Rodriguez

Some all-time baseball cheaters are on this list, but that does not take away from the mammoth home runs hit, and the roid rage fits thrown during the hypothetical derby.

The Champion

Bonds is far and away the player I would expect to win this ‘Juiced" Up Home Run Derby. The familiarity with Coors Field and the fact his swing so free and easy makes him a heavy favorite in my eyes already. Add in the fact he is the “Home Run King" and it should be far and away an easy choice!

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