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BRAVE CF 52: Bad Blood in the Main Event

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BRAVE CF 52 will feature bad blood settled in a fight that was originally scheduled back in April. Mohammad “The Latest” Fakhreddine fell ill and had to be rushed to the hospital, canceling the fight on the spot, which left a sour taste in Mohamed Said Maalem’s mouth. With that being said, Fakhreddine is one of the most important names in the Middle Eastern MMA scene.

Fakhreddine held titles on the regional level before joining BRAVE CF and capturing a world title. The Lebanese superstar aims to write history once more, becoming the first Middle Eastern and BRAVE CF fighter to earn a double-champion status. Fakhreddine now looks to beat Said Maalen at BRAVE CF 52 on August 1, 2021.

Standing in the way of Fakhreddine’s history is the French-Swiss powerhouse Said Maalem. Speaking with the BRAVE CF team before the biggest fight of his career, L’Ambiance, as he’s also known, acknowledged the importance of the upcoming fight and how the stakes are higher than ever. He made sure to state he won’t let Fakhreddine’s fairytale come to a happy ending.

Mohamed Said Maalem

“Fakhreddine’s dream is to become a double champion, and he is allowed to dream. Everyone dreams and wishes for things to come true, but this dream won’t be easy for him to achieve. I will be his nightmare. I won’t let him achieve his dream”, Said Maalem said.

If this event gets massive attention due to Fakhreddine’s potential historical moment, then Said Maalem will also have a platform to showcase his talent. After being told by Said Maalem that he will never become a double champion and leave with his bones crushed, Fakhreddine fired back and went after his opponent on a very personal level.

Mohammad Fakhreddine

“I’m fighting someone who pretends to be a man, but unfortunately, this guy is a piece of s— actually. Waited for me till I said I couldn’t fight, and then all of a sudden he’s acting tough, he’s a man all of a sudden. August 1st, I’m gonna f— you up”, Fakhreddine said.


Fakhreddine vs. Said Maalem will serve as the main event of the evening for BRAVE CF 52: Bad Blood. The event will be held on August 1st, in Milan, Italy, in association with The Golden Cage. As always, all BRAVE CF events are available live and free worldwide on the BRAVE CF TV website.

What do you think? Will Fakhreddine write history and become BRAVE Combat Federation’s first two-weight Champion? Or will Said Maalem derail the Champion’s hopes? Make sure to tune in to the event live not to miss out.

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