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Shea Weber: Captain of Steel

Montreal Canadiens star and Captain, Shea Weber, is largely seen as a beast in the NHL who plays through many different injuries. The captain has played through a multi-season injury to his left foot and ankle, which may now be a possible career-ending injury, that he has still managed to play on for multiple seasons, and an extensive cup run this past year.

After having a tendon repairing surgery in 2018, there was a lot of doubt and concern about whether Weber should continue playing or whether this injury should be something that sees him leave the game. However, being the beast that he is, he returned to play much sooner than expected. There was a concern though that this injury would recur, knowing that he had to have surgery to repair it before and that he would thus be more likely for a repeat injury.

The veteran star has played through many injuries in the past, only ever fully being out due to injury once in the past few seasons after taking a lower-body injury before the COVID-19 shutdown started in February 2020. Everyone who has played with this defensive juggernaut has attested to just how tough he is, even stating how he can play through injuries and pains that other players simply wouldn"t be able to.

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Even during the 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs, he continued to play despite the pain from his ankle/foot injury and an injured thumb that is believed to be severe as he has missed games due to it at the end of the season. Regardless of the injury, the captain played hard during the playoffs, which helped see his team through to the finals.

Overall, if this is the end to Weber"s career, it will have been an amazing one which saw him serve as captain to the Canadiens and the Nashville Predators, win Olympic gold with Team Canada in 2010 and 2014, World Cup gold, World Championship gold, and a Mark Messier leadership award. This player is well decorated, well known, and will certainly go down in the hall of fame for his career contributions. Ultimately, the player will need to do what is best for him, and himself in combination with the NHL, NHLPA, his agent, and his coaching staff will have some hard decisions to face.

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