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Adin Hill Traded to San Jose Sharks

Two Western Conference rivals have agreed to a trade just ahead of the NHL roster freeze. The Arizona Coyotes agreed to trade goaltender Adin Hill and a seventh-round pick to the San Jose Sharks in return for Josef Korenar and a second-round pick. This trade benefits both teams not just for the exposure requirements for the Seattle Kraken expansion draft. It also gives a new starting goalie to the San Jose Sharks providing some glimmer of hope in the coming seasons.


What Does Adin Hill Bring to the San Jose Sharks?

A fringe goal for his entire career Adin Hill is finally getting his opportunity to be the starting goalie in the NHL. Playing behind the duo of Darcy Kuemper and Antti Raanta for the last few seasons Hill has only played 49 games over his four NHL seasons with the Coyotes. This season Hill participated in 19 games and played his way to a .913 save percentage to go along with his 2.74 goals-against average. Statistically, this season was one of his best seasons in the NHL and it improved his career numbers to a .909 save percentage and 2.79 goals against average. 

Adin Hill will most likely take over the San Jose Sharks crease and play the majority of games over Martin Jones. Jones has been horrible over the past three seasons as he has had a goals-against average around or over three and a save percentage of .896. Adin Hill will hopefully take over the starting goaltender position for the foreseeable future and get the Sharks a few more victories. 

What Did the Coyotes Acquire In the Trade?

The Coyotes simply got a goalie to expose at the expansion draft and a second-round pick. Josef Korenar is a 23-year-old goaltender who whose played in 10 NHL games for the Sharks. He has put together a .899 save percentage and 3.17 goals against average. While he probably will not take over the Coyotes crease as he will have to outplay Darcy Kuemper and Antii Raanta, Korenar will most likely take up the starting goalie role for the AHL Tucson Roadrunners. Korenar will be the goalie that the Coyotes expose at the expansion draft but the Kraken will most likely avoid drafting him in favor of selecting a more established NHL player. The Coyotes also gained a second-round pick in the 2022 draft from this trade.

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