Carey Price and Vladimir Tarasenko Left Unprotected

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In a confusing and strange turn of events, two of the biggest stars in the NHL are being left exposed for the upcoming expansion draft. Carey Price of the Montreal Canadiens and Vladimir Tarasenko of the St. Louis Blues are being left unprotected for the Seattle Kraken to potentially take at the expansion draft. Both players would be excellent players for Seattle to draft and start their franchise with. 

Vladimir Tarasenko Career Resume

Since being drafted 16th overall at the 2010 NHL draft Tarasenko has been one of the Blues’ best players over the past nine seasons. Tarasenko who also goes by “Vlad” has been an incredible player for Blues. Over the course of his nine-season NHL career, Vlad has 531 games during the regular season. In the 500+ games, he has scored 218 goals and 224 assists for 442 total points. Vlad has also scored at least 30 goals in every season from 2014-15 to 2018-19 including 39 goals in 2016-17 and 40 goals in 2015-16.

In the playoffs, the production from Tarasenko doesn’t stop. In 78 playoff games, Tarasenko has produced 51 points including 35 goals. His best stint of playoff hockey was when he helped the St. Louis Blues won the Stanley Cup during the 2018-19 season. During that playoff run, he had 11 goals and six assists in 22 playoff games.

Carey Price Career Resume

The Canadiens star goalie was drafted fifth overall by Montreal and has been a star ever since. Breaking into the NHL during the 2007-08 season Carey Price has taken over the role of Canadiens starting goalie and never given it up. His 14 year NHL career has included 707 games played and career statistics of 360 wins, 2.50 goals-against average, and a .917 save percentage. 

This past season Price played 25 regular-season games and guided the Canadiens to a playoff berth. In the playoffs Price was spectacular. In 22 playoff games Price allowed 51 goals on 673 shots which equates to a save percentage of .924 and a goals-against-average of 2.28. Carey Price leads the Canadiens through the playoffs to make the Stanley Cup finals. Unfortunately, the Canadiens lost to the Tampa Bay Lightning in five games. 

What These Stars Are Available

The real reason Tarasenko is going to be available at the upcoming expansion draft is that he wants out of St. Louis after a couple of injury-plagued seasons. He has already formally requested a trade away from the Blues. The only reason Carey Price is available after a miraculous playoff performance is because of his huge contract. The Canadiens decided to protect fellow goalie Jake Allen instead of Carey Price. The idea is that the huge contract that pays Carey Price 10.5 million dollars for the next five seasons will scare off the Kraken from selecting him in the expansion draft.     

Should the Seattle Kraken Select the Available Stars?

The obvious answer is yes. We will leave it at that. The Kraken must select these two stars at the expansion draft. Selecting Carey Price will give the Kraken a solid starting goalie for the first few seasons of their existence in the NHL. He hopefully can lead the Kraken deep in the playoffs just like he leads Montreal to the Stanley cup finals this past season. 

In the case of Tarasenko, again it is obvious he must be selected by the Kraken. Still, a formidable goal-scoring in the NHL Seattle must take advantage of the gift that the Blues are handing over to them. He may not score at the same level as he did five years ago in his prime but he will still be a productive player in his time with the Kraken. No matter the price tag on these star’s contracts the Kraken must select them if they want to be successful in their first few seasons in the league. 

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