The A’s Play Mirroring Stadium Talks

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Much like the Oakland A‘s chances for a new stadium, their season is also sitting on the edge.

Key Vote July 20th

The A’s have been “rooted” in Oakland since 1968, but if a non-binding city council vote gets a NO at Oakland’s city council meeting at 9 a.m. on July 20 on the A’s proposed Howard Terminal ballpark that could be coming to an end. Dave Kaval the president of the A’s who is now starting to feel the heat from the A’s fan base like never before has before. Keval has said for months that “it’s Howard Terminal or bust” referring to the Oakland A’s hopes for a new waterfront ballpark in downtown Oakland. A No Vote means there is basically zero chance the A’s stay while a YES vote basically means there is another month to negotiate a deal and leaves a slimmer of hope for A’s fans. So even if the Vote is YES or NO at this point, the last of the 4 major sports teams remaining in the East Bay looks to be coming to a sad and painful end.


At the annual Commissioner All-Star game press conference, which is already cringe-worthy in itself to listen to, Rod Manfred made things worse when he echoed the same remarks of Kaval saying “Las Vegas is a viable alternative site for a major league club.” So thinking that this is a bluff from Kaval is a mistake. Oakland Mayor, Libby Shaft, who could possibly see 3 professional sports teams leaving her city over a 10-year span, is finally realizing that the A’s departure from Oakland could become a reality and is taking note saying “this really is a make-or-break moment for the Oakland A’s and Oakland.”

To think that both parties can be okay with this result and be so carefree about ripping a team away from a town and being okay with losing another team is just selfish and lacks awareness of the bigger picture. “ROOTED in OAKLAND” feels as fake and as dirty as ever. With both the team and city moving farther apart a move sadly seems to be not a matter of IF, but WHEN.

A’s Faltering Play = Stadium Talks

The A’s currently hold the last wild card spot at (53-42), but like their stadium hopes fading away the team on the field has shown signs of a team that is tired and in desperate need of a pick me up.

Since their series vs the New York Yankees starting June 18 the A’s are 10-15. The team has been plagued by a lack of hitting with runners in scoring positions leading to one of the worst offenses in the American League. Compounding issues, the bullpen has blown multiple games while the team has slipped further behind the rival Astros in the standings.

How bad is the hitting? Well after being in the middle of the pack offensively to a slightly above average offense over the first 3 months of the season the team has sputtered. Over the last 30 games the A’s rank last in the American League in batting average and slugging percentage, second to last in on-base percentage, and unsurprisingly last in on-base plus slugging percentage. A clear indication of a team that is fading and in need of a trade. So with all the negative stadium talk hovering over this 2021 season along with the recent play on the field both things seem to be on a linear path to a bad ending

So your Saying there’s a Chance

This current Oakland A’s squad needs to dig deep and find a way to win for their supporters. The fans are hurt, angry, and are the ones getting screwed from the fight between the Town of Oakland and A’s Ownership, a fight by the way, on issues they should have had resolved 5 years ago.

But that’s why this team needs to play better than ever. If the A’s were ever due for some good luck on the field now would be the time. If they can reverse their horrible trends over the past years and get some clutch hits, improved pitching performances and eliminate blown games then perhaps they have a chance to connect with their fan base and maybe even save the team from moving.

Sometimes winning can cure all things even politics or money….in Oakland, maybe it’s enough to build a stadium. While baseball is a game played without a clock, time is literally running out in Oakland.

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