Breaking News: Dennis Cholowski Selected by Seattle

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The Seattle Kraken will reportedly select Dennis Cholowski from the Detroit Red Wings. Cholowski is a young defenseman who it could be argued has not had his fair shake with the Red Wings. At only 23-years-old, Cholowski has played in a career-high of 52 games in the 2018-2019 NHL season, his first in the league.

I previously wrote that the Detroit Red Wings had questions as to who they would protect in the Seattle Kraken expansion draft. Troy Stetcher would have been the defenseman on the roster that I would have protected. It now seems like the Red Wings will not lose Stetcher, at 27-years-old, who has had more room to grow at the NHL level.

Stetcher was signed as a free agent after the Vancouver Canucks did not re-sign him. This was surprising as he had been a mainstay on the Canucks’ blueline for four seasons. Vancouver itself is going through a rebuild as they last made it to the Stanley Cup finals after the 2010-2011 season.

This fresh start is exactly what Dennis Cholowski needs as he has shown the ability to play at the NHL level. Yes, he has made mistakes on the ice that hurt his team, but with more playing time on an expansion team that does not have the expectations to win right away, these mistakes will begin to happen less often. A six-foot-two-inch frame at nearly 200 pounds, Cholowski has the frame to use his offensive mindset to score at the pro level.

The Seattle Kraken are reportedly beginning to build an exciting expansion team. Yes, teams will be underestimating them night in and night out, but that is something that Dennis Cholowski has dealt with so far in his career. These are the decisions that the general managers, Steve Yzerman of the Detroit Red Wings and Ron Francis of the Seattle Kraken respectively, have to make in order to build a successful team that can one day win a Stanley Cup.

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