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Breaking- Seattle Kraken takes Nathan Bastian

The 2021 NHL Expansion draft is currently going on when this article comes out. With the 10th overall pick from the New Jersey Devils, the Kraken have many players to take. So, with that pick, the Kraken select Nathan Bastian. Bastian is a player that many had expected to go to Seattle; I even did an article myself. Many Devils fans hoped that P.K. Subban or Andreas Johnsson would be the player that Seattle would pick. Though the fans are disappointed, they still have to be excited for what the youth of the Devils can bring. But what would Seattle be getting in a guy like Nathan Bastian?

What Does Nathan Bastian Bring to the Kraken?

In his time in New Jersey, Nathan Bastian didn’t make a big name for himself. While Bastian scored six goals in total with the Devils, he didn’t stand out amongst the roster. When he did stand out, he was paired up with Michael McLeod, who he was teammates with when he played in the OHL. Both of them put a solid line together and did a beautiful job backing each other up.

Now that Bastian is going to Seattle, it will give McLeod a chance to see maybe if he can play well on his own. But going to Seattle is suitable for Bastian because it’s his chance to see how good he truly can become. Bastian is a known good player for his size and can skate well. With the new coaches in Seattle, he can focus on trying to make his shot better. I believe he can become a good player and teammate to a lot of these players. For the Devils, they can start to build a better future. Even though you are losing a young player, but it is an opportunity to get an excellent young player from the minors up to the Devils.

Nathan Bastian is a right-winger who did not have time to develop in New Jersey. Hopefully with a fresh start in Seattle Bastian can show that he belongs in the NHL.

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