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Cage Steel 26: Quick-Fire With Ben Kellock.

After a successful Caged Steel 25 show in Sheffield, Dominic Gibbs and his team have put together a spectacular fight-card for Caged Steel 26, which goes down Saturday 21st of August, from the famous Doncaster Dome.

The fight card on the night currently has sixteen bouts lined up with more to be announced.

Caged Steel 26 will feature fan favourites Adam Bramhald and Louis Lee Scott. Also, the anticipated rematch between Shaun Lomas and Tom Crosby after their last meeting resulted in a draw at Caged Steel 25. Debutants will make that nervous walk for the first time, with a handful of amateur fighters eager to gain that valuable cage time. Tune in.

One amateur who will be looking to impress on the night is sixteen-year-old Ben Kellock. Kellock, who fights out of Porrada MMA, will make his Caged Steel debut on the 21st of August. Ben Kellock currently sits at (1-1) as an amateur, showcasing promising potential. 

I had the opportunity to catch up with Kellock ahead of his fight to hit him with twenty random quick-fire questions.

20-Quick-Fire Questions with Ben Kellock

1. Which do you prefer, grappling or striking?

Ben Kellock – “Striking"

2. Favorite fighter of all time?

Ben Kellock – “Colby Covington"

3. If you could make a five-a-side fight team, which fighters would you choose?

Ben Kellock – “If it ain’t P4P, I"m choosing Jon Jones, Daniel Cormier, Gustafsson, Khabib and Yoel Romero."

4. What"s you"re favourite discipline within MMA?

Ben Kellock – “Even though I said striking my favourite singular discipline gotta be no-gi jits"

5. If you couldn"t be a fighter or train in combat. What sport would you play?

Ben Kellock – “American Football or Ice hockey to get the scraps in."

6. You can only choose one. Would you rather have a good referee or a good judge?

Ben Kellock – “Good judge all day"

7. If you could change one fight result in the entire history of MMA, what would it be?

Ben Kellock – “Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier 2, or maybe the Henry Cejudo vs Dominick Cruz fight."

8. If you had the power to change one rule in MMA, what would you choose?

Ben Kellock – “Standing head buts to be allowed."

9. Do you agree with open scoring?

Ben Kellock – “NO"

10. If you had the champions of one MMA era (any promotions) fight the champions of another, which two eras would you choose?

Ben Kellock – “Brock vs Fedor, Pitbull vs McGregor, Lima vs Usman, Bellator Chandler vs UFC Alvarez trilogy."

11. What"s the number one food you crave when cutting weight?

Ben Kellock – “The last crave was a tango ice blast."

12. Who is your dream opponent?

Ben Kellock – “Red panty night or prime Dominick Cruz."

13. Worst injury from MMA that you"ve sustained?

Ben Kellock – “Had a nasty sprained neck once, or my last fight I didn’t tap to an armbar and my arm fully hyperextended."

14. What"s your favourite combination/technique to drill?

Ben Kellock – “Double leg trip takedown all day. Hit it in my last fight. It"s such a slick movement."

15. What"s the best moment of your career

Ben Kellock – “Choking out Owen Beekmans in Sunderland in his own backyard was pretty cool."

16. Who"s had the most significant impact on your MMA journey

Ben Kellock – “It"s got to be Conor for all the MMA guys, but the TUF series on Dillashaw and Garbrant got me hooked big time."

17. What would you rather, knockout, submission or fight of the night?

Ben Kellock – “Submission, Jon Jones Machida style."

18. Favorite post-fight meal?

Ben Kellock – “A loaded Pizza."

19. Do you have any pre-fight rituals?

Ben Kellock – “Pre-fight costa and we have this specific motivational speech we always play in the car on the way to the venue every time

20. Most hated workout/drill in training?

Ben Kellock – “Hill sprints."

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All image credits to Ben Kellock

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