Marc Bergevin’s Gamble Paid Off

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As we all know yesterday was the expansion draft for the Seattle Krakens. when it came time for the Montreal Canadiens to protect one of their goalies, GM Marc Bergevin pulled a trick up his sleeves. The Montreal Canadiens had a Cinderella season as they made it to the finals. The big reason for their success was having not just one but two excellent goalies which of course one would be exposed due to the expansion draft.

A Tale of Two Goalies

Carey Price is the legendary goalie that everyone admires and looks up to for a very good reason. Carey Price has done everything since he started with the Montreal Canadiens in 2007. The one thing he hasn’t done is win that Stanley Cup. He wants to finish his career in Montreal and leave a lasting legacy in hockey lore. He has five more seasons at ten million dollars a year.

Jake Allen is a great starting talent that so happens to be on the same team as the legendary Price. He had just as much reason to be an MVP on the Canadiens just like Price. In fact, as a backup goalie, Jake Allen was statistically better than Price. Jake Allen played 29 games with a GAA of 2.68 and a .907 save percentage whereas Carey Price played 25 games with a GAA of 2.64 and a .901 save percentage.

Trades were exhausted

Right after the Finals, Marc Bergevin was caught in an obvious pickle. By expansion draft rules one of his prized goalies had to be left unprotected. There were trade talks to try and save both but each time the Krakens came up with an awful trade proposal. They even tried to have a proposal to trade Allen but by the end of the day, Bergevin didn’t have the heart to trade him. That brings them to the gamble that paid off.

Carey Price Acts as a Decoy

One day Carey Price talks with Marc Bergevin saying he wants to waive his no-move clause so that he can be the one left unprotected. Given Price’s hefty salary and injury complications, this would prove to be a great move. Now all they had to do is protect Jake Allen and see what cards get dealt. What happened next made the gamble pay off tenfold. Not only did the Kraken not take Price but they only lost Cale Fleury.

Giving Up Kale Fleury

It isn’t great losing Cale Fleury but it beats losing Jake Allen. Not to mention they could have lost a lot more if the Canadiens approved the ridiculous trade offers they were given. Fleury will have some upside in the NHL but he comes with a problem for the Krakens. Larsson and himself are the only lefthanded scorers which will be a problem in the long run. The question is What the heck was the Kraken thinking? A few assets could have been traded but they simply didn’t want to pay big for Price and they could work a fair deal for asset trading.


Carey Price did what was best for the team. He knew the deadline for waiving no-move clauses. Everyone thought he was crazy to expose himself but the NHL granted his request. He knew that his hip issues would cause or for Seattle and the whole plan just paid off. They didn’t lose anyone but Cale Fleury.

How do you feel about the gamble that Marc Bergevin accomplished?

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