Mike Reilly Resigns with the Boston Bruins

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Mike Reilly will be returning to the Boston Bruins as he has just signed a new three-year contract. After inking the three-year contract extension with the Bruins on July 27th, Reilly will be making three million dollars for the next three seasons. The defenseman was acquired by the Boston Bruins at the trade deadline in 2021. In his short stint with the Bruins, he racked up a bunch of assists and played solid defense in the Bruins’ run to the playoffs. 

Mike Reilly Career Overview

The two-way defenseman has a solid offensive skill set and strong poise on the defensive end set him up for success in the NHL and it certainly helped him on the Bruins. Mike Reilly just had his most successful season in the NHL. In 40 games with the Ottawa Senators, he had 19 assists but no goals. When he joined the Bruins he played 15 regular-season games and added an additional eight assists but no goals. 

The 2021 season was his best season on record during his NHL career. Previously his career-high in points came in the 2017-18 season when he recorded 18 points in 57 games that were split between the Minnesota Wild and Montreal Canadiens.

How Does the Resigning of Mike Reilly Help the Bruins?

Obviously, the younger and less experienced Bruins defense needs some veteran presence to help get them to their potential. The veteran defenseman should continue to help the Bruins through his offensive skills and solid defense. He has the ability to quarterback the Bruins somewhat dismal powerplay get back on the right track again. With fellow defenseman, Kevan Miller retiring and Jeremy Lauzon being picked by the Seattle Kraken in the expansion draft the Bruins need some veteran defenseman to ensure that they don’t fall apart once again. Mike Reilly will continue to be a strong presence on the Bruins back end this season and for the next few seasons. 

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