Three Guards the Celtics Should Target This Offseason

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The Boston Celtics have made some major adjustments so far after their first-round playoff exit to the Brooklyn Nets. They have a new GM in Brad Stevens, a new head coach, and made a blockbuster trade.

However, there is one thing that is sticking out like a sore thumb right now, and that is the lack of point guard depth.

The Celtics traded away Kemba Walker last month in return for Al Horford and Moses Brown, meaning the Celtics had lost their starting point guard, and despite claims from some fans saying that Marcus Smart could be the man for the job, it looks like the Celtics are very much in the market for a point guard.

Here are three options that I can see the Celtics doing:

Reggie Jackson – Unrestricted free agent

If there is one man who has proven himself in these playoffs, helping the Clippers reach their first conference finals in franchise history, it is Reggie Jackson, the 31-year-old looked like he couldn’t miss in certain games.

Jackson averaged 18/3/3 on 48% from the field and 41% from deep.

So how do the Celtics get Jackson?

Acquiring Reggie Jackson is going to be very hard to do for the Celtics, as the Clippers are already a championship-contending team and the Celtics are in a transitional period having just hired a new head coach in Ime Udoka.

If the Celtics were to be able to get Reggie Jackson this offseason then it would be a huge pickup for the Celtics, bringing playoff experience and leadership to a very young Celtics side.

Lonzo Ball – Restricted free agent

Lonzo Ball is someone I have raved about in previous articles and I do believe that he hasn’t really been given a fair shot at things so far in the league.

I think that under the right coach and game plan, Lonzo Ball can really help a team challenge for a championship.

Lonzo would work especially well as he is more of an assisting point guard rather than someone who wants to take threes every other possession, and would likely be the third scoring option on the Celtics.

However, with his new and improved jump shot, he can also pop up around the perimeter for some uncontested threes.

Again, unless Lonzo really doesn’t want to re-sign in New Orleans, it will be very hard for the Celtics to acquire him, and may even take a trade package if needed.

Bradley Beal – Trade

Bradley Beal trade rumors always manage to resurface most offseasons and this offseason is no different, with reports suggesting Beal could hand in a trade request before draft day, and a source saying that the Celtics are his preferred destination.

Beal, 28, has just one more year left on his contract in Washington and becomes a free agent next summer, so should the Celtics make a trade now or wait until next year?

I think the deciding factor here would be if the Wizards demand Jaylen Brown as part of the trade package, if they do, then I see the Celtics waiting until free agency, however, if they aren’t, then I can definitely see the Celtics going for it.

I actually think that the Celtics should try and get Bradley Beal this offseason, but only if it means that they keep Jaylen Brown because a trio of Beal, Brown, and Tatum is a championship-contending team.

Concluding Thoughts

No matter what the Celtics end up doing this offseason, it’s going to be very interesting to see what moves Brad Stevens and Ime Udoka decide to make.

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