2021 Red Sox: A Fantastical Trade Proposal

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It is without a doubt one of the more exciting times of the year for baseball fans. It might just rival Christmas morning! The final night of Chanukah! Well, maybe not exactly Christmas morning, or the eighth night of Chanukah, but, Chaim Bloom is capable of giving Red Sox Nation one heck of a gift come 4 p.m. ET on July 30th! Just how big of a gift? Well, the sky is the limit.

Prospect-wise, since Chaim Bloom was hired as the Chief Baseball Officer on October 28, 2019, the Red Sox farm system has grown exponentially. Will Chaim Bloom be willing to trade some chips to contend greatly in 2021? Or, will he rather hoard prospects for longer sustainability? Does the Red Sox organization have the ability to be in a major, “win now” mode, while also planning greatly for sustainable success? How about we put on the pretend Chief Baseball Officer cap and have a little fun…

Mad Max: Fury Road

Max Scherzer, holy cow! Max Scherzer. This is a name that should make any Red Sox fan melt like pine tar on a hot sticky night.

Max Scherzer is in the final year of his contract, and the rumor mill believes he does not exercise his no-trade clause without the guarantee of an extension. What would that mean for the Red Sox? What would it take? Scherzer turns 37-years-old just as this article is being written. Happy Birthday, Mad Max! Anyway, back on track. Do the Red Sox offer Scherzer a contract something along the line of what Verlander secured from the Astros, at 2/$66M? Could Chaim Bloom entice Scherzer with 2/$50M and an option for a third year? Does the ability to win outweigh money?

It does appear that Scherzer wants to win, and he wants to win now, and in the future. That fact is encouraging for Red Sox fans, with the potential of a rotation in 2021 that could look like, wait for it…

Chris Sale

Max Scherzer

Nathan Eovaldi

Eduardo Rodríguez


The future, with an extension of Scherzer, and a potential re-sign of Eduardo Rodríguez, would be formidable for 2022, and beyond. The rotation would probably be even stronger in 2022, with Richards’ $10M off the boards, and Pérez’s option not picked up. That nets the Red Sox an extra $16M to spend in 2022. The fifth spot in the rotation would be a battle between Pivetta and Whitlock.

Uno, Due, Tre(a)

The trade value of sending Turner/Scherzer to Boston and Duran/Houck to Washington has a 14.2 discrepancy in value.

Where does that leave Boston? How much more assets would the team have to give up? Maybe the Red Sox have to give a little more, to get talent like Scherzer and Turner. Here is a proposal that has a slight discrepancy of .30.

The breakdown would be, Nationals receive the Red Sox number two, three, and the sixth-ranked prospects, according to The Red Sox receive Scherzer, Turner, Hudson, and the fifth-ranked prospect in Lara.

Nationals would get the center fielder of the future in Duran, and someone to replace Turner in Downs, who was drafted as a shortstop. Houck has middle to the front of the rotation stuff with the development of a third pitch. This should be an enticing package for Washington.

The obvious, for the Red Sox, would be adding Scherzer and Turner. Not much needs to be said. Both are elite players. The only issue would be convincing Turner to play second, as the Red Sox already have Xander Bogaerts. It might not take much convincing, considering the Red Sox would present Turner with an unbelievable chance to win it all in 2021 and again, in 2022.

The value of Hudson and Lara make the deal nearly identical. Hudson, for 2021 has a 2.20 ERA, 2.45 FIP, and a 1.0 fWAR. Adding Hudson into the mix of a bullpen already consisting of Barnes, Ottavino, Taylor, and Whitlock is well, for lack of eloquent words, stupid good.

Who is the fifth-ranked prospect for the Nationals, Andry Lara? He’s a six-foot-four 18-year-old right-hander with a 60 fastball, 50 changeup, and a 55 curve. He’s a little raw, and obviously needs more development, but he’s someone to be excited about.

Turner is under team control for 2022, and with a potential Scherzer extension, not only do the Red Sox have them both for 2021, they enjoy them in 2022 as well. There’s the potential to extend Turner beyond 2022, but even if he leaves after the 2022 season, the Red Sox have two extremely viable seasons to win the World Series. Not to mention, Boston has a player named Nick Yorke, who could be primed to be the second baseman of the future. The window to win now, and in the future is still rather bright.

This Lineup “Bangs”

What does the potential lineup look like, if you add in Turner? In this scenario, the Red Sox have also traded for Anthony Rizzo. Rizzo’s trade value is 8.60, and the Sox could ship off Chavis and Dalbec, both players blocked by future at first base, Triston Casas. Do the Cubs take both? No clue. For experiment purposes, let us believe the Cubs will do this trade with Boston.

The 2021 lineup becomes…

Kiké Hernádez CF

Trea Turner 2B

Rafael Devers 3B

Xander Bogaerts SS

JD Martinez DH

Anthony Rizzo 1B

Hunter Renfroe RF

Alex Verdugo LF

Christian Vázquez C


A Rockin’ Rotation

Here it is, in its full, and wonderfully beautiful glory…

Chris Sale

Max Scherzer

Nathan Eovaldi

Eduardo Rodríguez

Garrett Richards/Martín Pérez

That top four is well, it’s one of the best in baseball, and it puts the Red Sox in a position to pretty much win any playoff series.

The Pen Is Mightier

The 2021 Red Sox bullpen options would be as follows…

Matt Barnes

Adam Ottavino

Garrett Whitlock

Josh Taylor

Daniel Hudson

Hirokazu Sawamura

Darwinzon Hernandez

Ryan Brasier

That is a very, very good bullpen. If the team has a lead going into the sixth of any game, the outcome would most likely be a win.

A Deep Breath

Okay, here we go, in and out, in and out, take a nice deep breath. Is any of this actually happening? Most likely not. It is, however, fun to believe it could happen. It is wonderful to believe the Red Sox add Max Scherzer, Trea Turner, Daniel Hudson, and Anthony Rizzo. Red Sox fans, do you make these trades? Do you say goodbye to Chavis, Dalbec, Downs, Duran, and Houck? Do you have no issue making these trades if you knew, one-hundred percent, that it would lead to a guarantee of back-to-back World Series Championships in 2021 and 2022? Do you believe these trades would mess with future sustainability?

If you trade Jeter Downs, there is Nick Yorke waiting to replace in the system. If you trade Jarren Duran, there is Gilberto Jimenez waiting to replace in the system. If you trade Michael Chavis and Bobby Dalbec, there is Triston Casas waiting to replace in the system. If you trade Tanner Houck, there is Bryan Mata, Jay Groome, Thaddeus Ward, Noah Song, and Brayan Bello waiting to replace him in the system. Quite frankly, if you really look deep, there are some embarrassment of riches in the Red Sox farm system. No matter what happens at the trade deadline, just remember, In Chaim, you should trust!

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