2021 Top Miami Heat Free Agency Targets

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Free agents can begin discussing deals at 6pm ET tonight, August 2. After a more-than underwhelming season coming off a finals run, the Miami Heat look to get back into contention with some big signings. Who should the Heat look to sign, and who should walk?

What’s Already Happened?

The Heat are expected to decline Andre Iguodala‘s $15M team option and accept Goran Dragic‘s $19.4M team option; however, Dragic is expected to be included in a sign-and-trade package deal for All-Star point guard, Kyle Lowry.

The Heat have not reached a verdict on their following free agents:

Free Agency Targets

Kyle Lowry

The primary target for the Heat should be to sign 6x All-Star and NBA Champion, Kyle Lowry, in a sign-and-trade deal packaging Goran Dragic and Precious Achiuwa.

Lowry will bring star talent to a disadvantaged point guard role, as well as much needed defense. Lowry also shot 39.6% from deep last season.

After a Jurassic crash in the regular season, the Toronto Raptors finished with a dismal 27-45 record. Lowry, coming off the disappointing season averaging 17.2 PPG and 7.3 APG, is still a threat at the point guard role, boasting his career best 19 assists against the Celtics on March 4, 2021.

Kyle lowry would also be a major step up from current point guard Goran Dragic, as shown below:

Kyle LowryGoran Dragic
17.2 PPG13.4 PPG
7.3 APG4.4 APG
5.4 RPG3.4 RPG
1 SPG0.7 SPG
43.6 FG%43.2 FG%
39.6 3P%37.3 3P%

DeMar DeRozan

It’s already been stated that DeMar DeRozan would take a pay cut to play with former teammate, Lowry, but would he take that drastic a pay cut from his current $27.8M salary?

DeRozan averaged 21.6 PPG and a career-best 6.9 APG. He brings much needed guard defense to the Heat’s lineup, as well as a more than impressive 88% free throw percentage.

This would of course mean losing sharpshooter, Duncan Robinson. Robinson shot the ball at a clip of 40.8% from downtown last season. However, what you lose in shooting, you gain in scoring and defense. Although the floor wouldn’t be as spread without Robinson on the floor, the Heat add another playmaker to play alongside Lowry, as well as someone who can get to the free throw line at will.

Bobby Portis

What better player to pair with the grit of Bam Adebayo than Crazy Eyes himself, Bobby Portis? A stretch big who can play on both sides on the ball, Portis fits the “Heat Culture” narrative that Miami has built.

Portis showed how great he can be in his role with his playoff run with the Milwaukee Bucks, finishing with an NBA championship. Could he bring that championship mentality to Miami to create the best defensive frontcourt in the NBA in Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo, and Bobby Portis?

Who Should Walk?

The Heat have plenty of players in the free agency portal this offseason, but who should walk?

Duncan Robinson

The biggest player I expect the Heat to let walk is Duncan Robinson. Coming off his incredible sophomore season, Robinson was shooting 44.6% from downtown. This season, he sunk down to 40.8% from deep. Robinson will have a steep asking price, being a top shooter in the 3-point driven league, but is he worth $15-$20M?

Trevor Ariza

Trevor Ariza was supposed to fill the gap left by, much missed, Jae Crowder, however, that didn’t work out. Ariza’s current contract with Miami is worth $12.5M.

Victor Oladipo

Victor Oladipo is a tricky signing for Miami. If the Heat can sign him for a small contract, then they should. However, if Oladipo requests a contract similar, or larger, to his current $21.25M contract, then he should walk.

Is the risk of injury worth the amount he might be worth? Well, that’s for Pat Riley to decide.

NBA Free Agency discussion can begin tonight, August 2, at 6pm ET. Who do you think the Heat will sign?

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