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Football Fans, Read This.

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Football is the biggest sport in the world. We all support different teams and we all have our opinions on players, both from the team we support and rival teams, but some “fans” take it too far, why are Liverpool supporters comparing Mane and Salah? They both play in the same team and are pivotal for how Liverpool play. Why do United fans have “Pogba FC” and “Bruno FC”? Why can’t you enjoy having two world-class midfielders in your team and enjoy watching them both? Why do many supporters create a divide in the fanbase despite supporting the same team? Each of those individuals spends their day scrolling down Twitter trying to discredit some of the best players in the world and enjoy when someone replies to them. “Messi is better than Penaldo”, “Salah is mid”, as I said at the beginning, it is all opinions but when you are making statements like those I mentioned then you do not deserve an opinion, you are simply someone seeking attention like a schoolboy.

I am a Liverpool fan. I believe in the argument of Gerrard, Lampard or Scholes that Gerrard is the best of the three but if you believe that Lampard is the best, I understand why, if you think Scholes is the best, I understand, especially if you are a Chelsea or United fan. How can I disagree? That is your opinion, but when you begin to say things like “Gerrard is overrated” or “Scholes was carried in a good team, ” I can no longer respect and hold a fan to fan conversation with you. It does not matter if you think Ronaldo is better than Messi or vice versa but you are a toxic individual with a sad life when you begin to discredit their incredible careers.

To quote J.Cole” If you broke and clownin’ a millionaire, the joke is on you”, Pathetic people commenting horrific things under footballers tweets or pictures because they made a mistake in one match, while they sit in their rooms with a tin of red bull eating pot noodles for dinner struggling to get by but they simply can’t miss calling a millionaire a “fraud” or a “clown” because the only bright spark of their day is getting people to reply to them so they can say “ratioed”. Social Media has ruined football fandom, accounts with thousands of followers influence 14-year-old children who base their football knowledge on Fifa and highlights, they struggle to form an opinion of their own and use stats to create one. If stats were the benchmark for how good a player is, Peter Crouch would be a better player than Paul Scholes because he had more Premier League assists. Do you see the issue with using stats? Try watching a game of football before jumping to your delusional statements.

It will never change. People will listen to what the larger crowd is saying and change how they feel in a heartbeat rather than sticking to their initial opinion. Football means a lot to us all, for some of us it is the break from work, school and family, for others it is about getting together with friends and family to watch a match and have a good time, we buy the kits to show and represent the team we support. At the end of the day, we all see football in different ways but you can be a massive fan of a team and still have common sense when talking about rival players. Football is what you make it.

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