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Lazar Stojadinovic “Not Looking Back” Heading Into PFL 9

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Lazar Stojadinovic is chomping at the bit to get back in the cage and secure his first PFL victory. With the luxury of a full training camp this time around, the 32-year-old expects to get back to his winning ways.

The “BronxBomber” takes on Sheymon Moraes at PFL 9 on Aug. 27, in a battle of mixed martial arts veterans. The two have a lot of mutual respect for one another as a result of training together at Black House MMA for a period of time. Stojadinovic predicts a fan-friendly fight with him and Moraes both being exciting strikers.

In this exclusive conversation with Stojadinovic, the Xtreme Couture affiliate provides insight into his eventful 2021, how friends become enemies within the confines of the cage, why he feels completely free when fighting, and more.

Lazar Stojadinovic Interview

The “BronxBomber” made his debut appearance for PFL back in April, but it wasn’t exactly on his own terms. Despite coming off an injury he suffered in his previous fight, Stojadinovic still willingly accepted a short-notice fight against Movlid Khaybulaev.

“I fought in April against an undefeated guy and lost by decision,” he replied. “When I fought in December, I ended up fracturing something during the fight. So I had to basically just rest. Then, PFL hit me up on like March 27th and I was originally supposed to just be an alternate in case somebody got hurt. I just couldn’t say no to the opportunity, so I figured I’d just weigh-in and get paid.”

“So we get there and nobody pops for COVID or gets hurt,” Stojadinovic said. “So I still go through the process of starving myself to make weight and with about 12 days left we get the call that somebody got hurt. They were like you’re in! They were like you’re fighting an undefeated Russian, and I was like alright that works. So I go out and lose by decision, but now we’re back. I never look back either. We knew the risk and I’ll always go out there and I’ll fight. That’s just who I am.”

Friends Turned Foes at PFL 9

As previously mentioned, Stojadinovic and Moraes spent roughly a year training together at Black House MMA. The two veterans have always been kind and respectful towards each other, but when the gloves are on, all bets are off.

“We’ve always been very cool with each other,” Stojadinovic confirmed. “I know what he brings to the table. He’s an entertaining striker and so am I, so I think it’ll be a fan-favorite type of fight for sure. Of course, I see myself edging out the win. I feel like my striking will be superior.”

“When I go out there I go out there to win,” he proclaimed. “In that moment we have to put our friendship aside. I’m not even somebody who shakes hands like we’re fighting, this is not a sparring session. Afterward, we can continue being friends, but when it’s fight time, it’s fight time.”

Stojadinovic Feels Free Inside the Cage

The “BronxBomber” carries a plethora of combat sports experience with him everywhere he goes. The New York native feels entirely in his comfort zone when he’s doing what he loves, fighting.

“I’ve been boxing since I was seven years old and I have 150 amateur boxing fights,” he stated. “I’ve been fighting for quite some time and to be honest I just love fighting. I don’t get nervous or stuff like that, I just feel excited to get out there and perform. I’ve said this since I first started fighting, it’s the one place where I can feel free.”

“Like I feel like my honest self,” Stojadinovic continued. “There’s no cover-up, that’s who I am. Like most people say they turn on a switch when they get in the cage, but I am that person. I have to turn something on when I’m in my everyday life, almost like a different version of me. That person in the cage is who I actually am.”

Final Thoughts

At this stage in Stojadinovic’s career, he isn’t satisfied with allowing his skills to plateau. Instead, he insists on improving every aspect of his game to ensure he’s still making gains.

“I still like to improve every aspect of this sport,” he affirmed. “Once you feel like you’ve learned everything, that’s when you’re messing up. The book on MMA is endless with stuff to learn. When you feel like you’ve learned everything, that’s when you stop growing. You can always learn new things in this sport.”

Make sure you watch Lazar Stojadinovic compete at PFL 9 on Aug. 27 from Hollywood, Florida. He’s slotted as the featured prelim, which will be aired on ESPN+.

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