San Diego’s Playoff Hopes Slipping Away

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Last year, the Padres were able to secure more star power from trades and free-agent signings in hopes of making a legitimate run at a World Series title. Currently, however, they have been knocked out of playoff contention with question marks surrounding if or when they will make it back again.

Hard Times Get Harder

Looking back a month that saw the Friars finish 15-12, the second consecutive month they’ve done so, some may argue that a bad month of play was in the cards for a team who was just getting by. Although they managed to come back and secure a win against the Phillies one night ago, they’re still fighting an uphill battle for a ticket to compete in the Fall Classic. With their Achilles heel finally exposed, the Cincinnati Reds and All-Star first baseman Joey Votto were able to knock off San Diego and take their Wild Card spot.

In their last ten games, they’ve managed to go 2-8, with most of those losses being decided by one or two runs. To make matters worse, they were no-hit by Diamondbacks rookie starting pitcher Tyler Gilbert on August 14th and lost the series three games to one. How is it a team that made so much noise in the off-season could fade so quickly in one of the most important halves of any MLB season?

Ironically, the Padres have thrown a no-hitter and been no-hit in the same season for the first time in franchise history. Not exactly a great statistic to be a part of but at this point in the season, would you expect anything less from a struggling top-tier team? Losing Fernando Tatis Jr. is another reason why they’ve been struggling while also dealing with players like Tommy Pham who has been suffering from vision problems as of late.

Not Too Late To Change

The concern for this team has now exceeded exponential levels but as the cliche saying goes, there’s still time to turn it around. The Reds lead in the second Wild Card spot is only half a game so if the Padres can manage to hit their stride then they’ll be able to pick up where they left off. Adding insult to injury though, Cincinnati is 7-3 in their last ten games played with no indication of slowing down which doesn’t bode well for the third-place Friars.

While following this team, I’ve come to realize that it takes a lot to let sleeping dogs lie and these dogs are hungry now more than ever. Even with one of the weaker bullpens in the game, they have still been able to deliver and finish every month until now with a winning record. This shows that even with their backs against the wall, their fight to get in the playoffs remains well and alive amidst the odds they could face.

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