The MLB Hosts of Jeopardy!

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Since Alex Trebek’s death last November, Jeopardy! has been searching for a new permanent host. Recently, they had settled on executive producer Mike Richards, but after some unflattering comments surfaced, the famous game show decided to move in a different direction.

While plenty of celebrities, including infamous broadcaster Joe Buck, have been given a tryout, the only athlete given the opportunity was Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Over the weekend, the question was asked which current or former baseball player should be given a chance to host the show and the answers came flying in!

The Next Jeopardy Host:

Answers quickly came flying in, as fans from various teams started to comment on their favorite players. Here were the most popular responses and what they would potentially bring to the table! Some honorable mentions include Greg Maddux, Ron Darling, David Cone, and Cal Ripken Jr.

A Former Energectic Outfielder

Perhaps the most popular choice was Nick Swisher. The fan-favorite Swish was always known for the energy he brought on the field and into the dugout. Outside of the ball field, Swisher has found himself in front of the camera on a few occasions most notably in a 2010 episode of How I Met Your Mother.

The Voice of the Brewers

After a six-year playing career, Bob Uecker has been the Milwaukee Brewers since 1971. At 87, Uecker is the oldest on the list and also the one with the most prior acting experience. Uecker has been in multiple commercials, an episode of Futurama, Who’s the Boss while playing a re-occurring character in Mr. Belvedere.

Most notably, Uecker has perhaps the most famous call in baseball movie history.

The Former Face of the Orioles

Perhaps one player with their eye on more than just the ball is the former Oriole Adam Jones, currently playing for the Orix Buffaloes. While Jones does not have any non-baseball TV experience, he always gave good interviews and had a natural ability to connect with fans.

One Name to Cross Off the List

While some great names were nominated, one person that will not be the next host of Jeopardy! will be John Kruk. Despite a multitude of TV appearances, including as a host of Sunday Night Baseball, Kruk has officially removed himself from consideration.

Final Jeopardy!

While it is highly unlikely that any MLB star, past or present, will be given a shot, it is fun to speculate who could make an appearance on America’s most famous game show.

With that said, which current or former baseball star would you like to add to the list?

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