Top 3 Trades In Nashville Predators History

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David Poile is the only general manager that the Nashville Predators have ever had. Like all GMs, he has had his fair share of good and bad moves, but three of his trades have stood out due to the players that were involved, and the effect they had on the organization. Let’s dive back into history and look at the top three trades that the Predators have ever made.

The 2013 Trade Deadline Robbery

The Predators were clear sellers heading into the 2013 trade deadline, and specifically, one player was at the center of attention — Martin Erat. He had fallen out in Nashville mainly due to a lack of work ethic and would be dealt along with Michael Latta to the Washington Capitals for prospect Filip Forsberg.

Safe to say that Poile has not thought twice about this move since pulling the trigger. Since assuming a full-time role in 2014-2015, Forsberg has become one of the more offensively prolific players on the Predators and is on track to receive a new contract extension before the end of next year.

As for Erat, he continued to underachieve and would be traded to the Arizona Coyotes almost a year later. He would retire with the Coyotes after another dismal season in 2014-2015. Latta played a total of 113 games from 2013-2016 and recorded a meager 17 points in his career.

Not only was this move a massive steal for the Predators, but Forsberg became one of the more notable players in their history and was a big part of the team’s run to the Stanley Cup Final in 2017. He has some injury concerns, but he has never been out of the lineup when he was needed most and may have more left to show as he just turned 27 and is entering his prime age.

The Predators had never had a forward show that much promise from such a young age and Forsberg helped to shift the culture in Nashville at the time. No, he is not among the elite forwards in the league, but this trade was about as good of a job as you could ask from Poile.

The Draft Day Blockbuster

On June 21, 2008, the Predators would make a move that would have a much bigger effect than anticipated at the time. Poile would trade his second-rounder and his third-rounder to the Coyotes that year to move up in the second round to select Roman Josi.

What has Josi achieved since coming to Nashville? Nothing much, just being a perennial Norris caliber defenseman and winning a Norris trophy in 2019-2020, along with being tied as the second-longest tenured captain in franchise history. And by the way, he is about to break that tie as soon as the 2021-2022 season is finished.

This trade resulted in the Predators acquiring arguably their greatest franchise talent and one of the three most prominent players in their history. Who knows what they would be today if that move was not made.

The Absolute Stunner

This move by Poile was one that completely came out of the left field. I vividly remember being stunned beyond belief on this very day and almost betrayed. Alright, that might be stretching it a little, but the emotions among the Predators’ fanbase on June 29, 2016, were at just about an all-time high.

The team traded their longest-tenured captain in Shea Weber to the Montreal Canadiens in exchange for PK Subban. This decision was not well-received among the Smashville faithful initially, but once everyone calmed down and thought it through, they could realize that this was a logical move.

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Say what you will about what the players have accomplished since the trade, but when you take Weber’s exorbitant contract into account, it made sense to get rid of him. Subban’s was much shorter and he was still in his prime, and it was a deal that made sense in the short term and the future.

Weber will always rightfully be a fan favorite in Nashville, but shipping him off was a sensible decision by Poile. Especially because his body started to deteriorate shortly after the trade.

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