Why The Phillies Won’t Make The Playoffs

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Through the highs and lows of this season it seems like the Phillies will not be making the playoffs, barring some late season heroics. If the Phillies are not to make the playoffs, there is some cause to blame in certain areas in the organization. The team got red hot after the All-Star break, however it died off and the Phillies lost the lead they had in the NL East. Even though they had the lead for a short time, it actually seemed like for a glimpse that the Phillies could actually compete, but then the team failed to keep that momentum.

There are a good amount of areas to blame for their lack of success. And as a team, everyone should be held accountable. However, there are a few areas on the team that stand out the most in the teams lack of success up to this point into the season.

The Bullpen

This Philadelphia Phillies bullpen has been a reoccurring problem for way to long. The fact that the bullpen has blown way to many games, and have the inability to hold a lead is astounding. The front office has not done a lot to improve the bullpen even though year after year the Phillies have a bullpen that consistently struggle at holding leads. There were so many instances where the Phillies would enter the latter part of a baseball game with a lead, and then it just gets wiped away due to the bullpens lack of ability to hold a lead.

The bullpen has been a huge issue of the Phillies for the longest time, and it is costing them key ball games that can accumulate wins. There were games where it seemed like the Phillies would actually win, but the bullpen comes in and the lead is gone. If the Phillies want to compete in the future then they have to prioritize their bullpen.

The Loss of Key Players

The Phillies have had instances this season where the club either lost someone for a long period of time or certain players were struggling during this season. One key loss for the Phillies is Rhys Hoskins. Hoskins was having a great season, and it seemed like he was going to have one of, if not his best season in the majors. Up to this point in the season, Hoskins was hitting for a .247 batting average, 27 home runs and 71 RBI. With a little over 30 games left in the season, Hoskins seemed like he was going to have his best season in the majors.

In addition to losing Hoskins this season, the Phillies were seeing poor play from third baseman Alec Bohm. Bohm was regarded as this young player for the Phillies who seemed like he was going to take off this season. However, that just was not the case. With some struggles at the plate and main struggles in the field, Bohm was sent down to the minor leagues. Bohm just needs time to work on his play before he can blossom, but his lack of production didn’t help the Phillies lineup.

Questionnable starting players

For the Phillies lack of success, you can’t necessarily blame one certain player for the entire team. However, there were some players that started this season that were head scratching. For example, Matt Moore, who is a pitcher that has struggled a lot in his MLB kept getting starts for the Phillies. He didn’t bring anything to the table and he didn’t benefit much to the rotation. This is also the case for when the Phillies had Chase Anderson in the rotation. To be frank, Anderson was awful in Philadelphia. The fact that he was considered an option for the Phillies bullpen was not a good decision.

As for the position players, the inconsistencies we saw in center field was atrocious. The Phillies may have had one of the worst center field situations in baseball. These inconsistencies were brought to the Phillies lineup as for a period of time, any centerifielder they started just wasn’t working out for the Phillies.

Inability To Bring In New Talent

The Phillies made some moves this previous offseason, however, they all really revolved around bringing back the talent that they already had. Moves such as resigning J.T Realmuto and Didi Gregorious. However, with the moves that revolved around bringing players back, they didn’t really bring in players that would make the team better as a whole. They did bring in players such as Jose Alvarado and Archie Bradley to improve the bullpen, but those moves didn’t necessarily do much to make the Phillies better.

Philadelphia’s lineup hasn’t changed much since last year, and that is a reason why they are sitting at the position that they are. They had some players that improved, but they did not add enough players to improve the lineup as a whole. Their inability to bring in better talent to help them win ball games, is a reason why they aren’t gonna make the playoffs.

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