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Interview with ‘Little Beast’ Brandon Laroco

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Cage Warriors 126 was a huge success down in San Diego, and now president Graham Boylan has confirmed they will be returning for another event in October. I had the pleasure of speaking to one of the successful competitors from the event. Brandon Laroco pulled off a stunning rear-naked choke to submit Alex Trinidad and earn himself a second-round finish.

The former Dragon House featherweight champion has competed in Bellator on two occasions, and his Cage Warriors appearance was his first time in the cage since 2019. Laroco and I discussed his thoughts on his performance and what’s next for the “Little Beast”.

Brandon Laroco: The Interview

So, Brandon, how did it feel to compete for Cage Warriors down in San Diego?

Brandon Laroco – Felt great to fight for Cage Warriors, it is the second biggest promotion I was fighting for and I was coming off a 2-year layoff, I was very eager and excited to get back in it and feel the crowd.

How impressed were you with your overall performance?

Brandon Laroco – I was fairly impressed with my performance. We trained exactly for what we thought he was going to do and that’s take it to the ground. I was already familiar with everything he put me through.

What were your initial thoughts when Trinidad fell to the ground just minutes before your finish?

Brandon Laroco – Towards the end of the first round, I caught him in a kneebar and his leg popped. I wasn’t sure if it was a break or tear in but I knew I compromised his leg. I wasn’t surprised that he fell, he tried hiding it in the 2nd round, but when I started throwing leg kicks beginning of the 2nd, I could tell his leg wasn’t the same.

You’re so impressive with the rear-naked, is it always the game plan to find and execute that finish?

Brandon Laroco – I never look for finishes, they always present themselves and I take advantage of that moment. Game plan is to be efficient in all aspects of the game, train for what might happen in that specific fight, and go with the flow from there.

Tell me about the aftermath, how did you celebrate your victory?

Brandon Laroco – I celebrated with one too many margaritas.

Finally, what’s next for Brandon Laroco? Wait for the next Cage Warriors or somewhere else to show off your talent?

Brandon Laroco – We have some stuff in the works right now, can’t say but I would love to fight for Cage Warriors again, grab their belt and move on to the UFC.

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