The Padres Should Keep Jayce Tingler

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When teams begin to struggle in any professional sport, the head coach is the first person to be blamed for the faults. In the case of Jayce Tingler, however, San Diego should continue to remain confident in their skipper and let him see things through.

Coaches Can’t Always Be Blamed

Sure, Tingler controls a majority of the decisions made revolving around who plays, where they play, and how they play, but some things are simply out of his control. A majority of the starting rotation got injured this season, and, unfortunately, it happened at varying times. This only further complicated things and made Tingler’s job that much harder. Sometimes a coach can prevent worsening something small like a soreness into a larger problem, but Tingler was not involved when receiving guys like Yu Darvish who have a known past with injuries.

He also can not truly understand how a player is feeling depending on the injury and the location of it. All he can do is observe and trust what the medical professionals are telling him. Tatis may have injured his shoulder for the third time this season, but, again, the medical professionals are clearing him to play. So Tingler can only assume that his star player is good to go. The Friars’ latest loss against the Diamondbacks did not serve to make matters any better for the second-year head coach, but he is dealing with a car driving on three wheels here.

Even when accounting for recent shortcomings, there are more positives that further outweigh the negatives. The first positive is the fact that they recently signed Jake Arrieta for the rest of the season. This move added more veteran presence to a rotation currently without starters Yu Darvish and Chris Paddack. The former Cy Young Award winner may be a long way from his 2015 form, but he still has enough tenacity and aggressiveness to help bring this team another playoff appearance.

This addition will also bode well down the line. San Diego’s record against winning teams this season is better compared to losing teams, and 26 out of their final 28 games are against teams with a winning record. The Dodgers and Giants are currently locked into a space race atop the National League West standings. At this point, the Padres just need to turn the page to September and keep the momentum rolling. Tingler must also be relieved to see these stats. However, it all depends on how he executes his decisions and if his monstrous roster can keep themselves from going over the edge.

Sweet September

August’s closure means a new slate has been delivered to San Diego. Now is the time for Tingler to grab the reins and take control. Even with recent losses, not much in the standings has changed. The Padres remain a half a game behind the Cincinnati Reds for the second Wild Card spot. We can likely all agree that this is the best news to fans of the Friars considering they are looking to make it back into the postseason for the second consecutive season.

Keep in mind, Tingler led the Padres to a 37-23 record in the short covid-ridden 2020 season; good enough for second place in the NL West. He does not have the same team as last year, but what he does have are players that are proven to make a difference both on other teams and in San Diego and are coming together for the first time to combine their powers.

Make no mistake, the Padres should not be counted out just yet because there is still one good month of action left this season. I believe that they intend to take full advantage of every second to obtain that playoff spot.

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