Cheap Seats Chatter: September Storylines and Miguel Cabrera

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Another episode of Cheap Seats Chatter is now live on Spotify. Join the CSC crew as they discuss the biggest stories and news in all of baseball.

After an off-week for the podcast, Alex, Mathias, and David are back on the airwaves with more news and storylines to talk about from the world of baseball.

Cheap Seats Chatter: Miguel Cabrera

On August 22, 2021, the 500 homerun club added a new first baseman to its illustrious list. Detroit first baseman and designated hitter Miguel Cabrera launched a home run against the Toronto Blue Jays putting him as the 28th major leaguer to reach the monumental milestone. The only other active player with 500 home runs is Albert Pujols.

With the record homer now recorded, the crew discuss Cabrera’s career as well as some of their favorite moments from the charismatic future hall of famer.

Cheap Seats Chatter: Mets Mayhem

The Mets organization has been in the news lately for the wrong reasons. From an indictment of Javy Baez and a DWI from their interim General Manager, the proverbial ball seems to be in the court of Mets owner Steve Cohen.

While the answer is not as easy or concrete, the problem is easy to see. The team talks about what solutions Cohen could take to help right the ship and help keep the Mets as a credible organization.

Cheap Seats Chatter: September Storylines

September is when the season’s storylines really start to reach their climax. As several teams vie for a playoff spot or division lead, the final month of the 2021 is shaping up to be even more dramatic than this year’s trade deadline.

San Francisco was written off at the start of the season because of the strength of the Padres and Dodgers. September shows a different story as San Francisco is competing for the division title alongside the Dodgers. Their improbable rise to the top has been one of the most interesting stories in all of baseball.

The American League Wild Card race also has its fair share of stories as five teams all have a realistic chance of winning the two wild card sports. While the Red Sox and Yankees currently hold the two spots, the Athletics, Mariners, and Blue Jays are hot on their trail. Each team with their own things to prove, the month ahead looks more like a football season where every game has high stakes.

This episode is dedicated to the life and memory of Ed Stange who passed away recently. Ed was a crucial member in making Overtime Heroics what it is today in multiple departments. He will be missed by his colleagues and friends here at OTH.

All of these topics and more on this episode of Cheap Seats Chatter. Listen in on Spotify for all episodes of Cheap Seats Chatter past and present.

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