The Best WFT Future Bets for the 2021 NFL Season

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The 2021 NFL Season kicks off on 9/9 with a Thursday night showdown between the Cowboys and the Buccaneers, and as a fan of the league, I cannot wait for the season to begin. While I love the league in its entirety, if you have followed my work to date, it is no secret that I am a passionate fan of the Washington Football Team. I am thankful for the staff at Overtime Heroics to allow me to cover not only the league but also the squad that has been my favorite since I was born.

This season, I am going to put my knowledge of the Washington Football Team to the ultimate test – I am going to see if I can constantly beat the sportsbooks this year focusing predominately on betting lines for Washington Football Team games. While I am far from a professional sports bettor, I am going into this season with the mindset of, If I know this team inside out like I think I do, I should be able to find inefficiencies in the hyper-efficient NFL Market. If I don’t know the team I listen, read, and sometimes dream about daily, who does?

Throughout the season I plan on releasing my picks for Washington games every single week. Yes, I am a fan, but I am going into this exercise with no bias. While that statement seems contradictory and difficult, I am going to take a realistic and objective approach while making my picks for the season and each game. Like I mentioned earlier, I am no pro, but if there is one thing I do know (or at least think I know), it is the Washington Football Team.

As for the picks, I am going to use a unit scale to dictate my confidence in the picks I am choosing – for the articles, to make things easy, assume one unit = $10. While going through picks, there will be times I note the plays that I am taking myself, plays I like, plays I like but do not love the line, and also plays that I think should be avoided completely. If I do not find a perceived inefficiency that week – I will not make any bets. I will also include other teams in some circumstances, but I am looking to bet Washington the most by far. I will be tracking my seasonal bets on the Betstamp app and you can follow me there @SlimeAction.

Without further ado, let’s get to my best future bets for the Washington Football Teams 2021 season. Keep in mind sportsbook lines are static and the odds and numbers you see here will change. (Hopefully in my favor)

2021 WFT Future Bets I am Playing:

2U – Washington to make the playoffs +156 (Fanduel Sportsbook)

Right out of the gate I can see the skepticism about my bias toward the team, but with last year’s change to three wild card spots, a weak division, and an improved all-around team, I see Washington playing playoff football for the second straight season. Washington’s defense feasted on a weak schedule last season and faces a much tougher group of teams this year, but I still think Rivera and Co. get the job done. While I believe the defense actually regresses due to the strength of teams they play this season, I think Fitzpatrick and the offense can pick up the slack and get Washington a playoff birth.

1U – Antonio Gibson U 1025.5 Rushing Yards -112 (Fanduel Sportsbook)

CLEVELAND, OHIO – SEPTEMBER 27: Running back Antonio Gibson #24 of the Washington Football Team celebrates by signaling first down after running for a first down during the third quarter against the Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium on September 27, 2020, in Cleveland, Ohio. The Browns defeated the Washington Football Team 34-20. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

After taking a bet for Washington, I am going to take a bet against a rising star in the NFL. This is absolutely not a knock on Antonio Gibson – he is a stud in the making – but I see too much competition for touches for him to hit over 1,000 yards solely on the ground. Gibson has a gadget-type skillset that will keep defenses on their heels and has shown a ton of improvement as a rusher since coming into the NFL as a wide receiver. With that being said, he still needs to work on his pass protection to be in the backfield on third downs, and with Curtis Samuel, JD McKissic, and Jaret Patterson all around to steal touches on the ground, I lean the under.

.5 U Washington to win the NFC East +260 (Pointsbet Sportsbook)

I placed this wager on August 25th and the odds already shot down to +220 on Pointsbet – some favorable line movement in my direction. For more novice bettors, when the odds drop lower from the number you originally placed the wager at, that is a good sign. This indicates the sportsbook taking heavy action from respected clientele on that line, recognizing the line may be inefficient and adjusting accordingly. For the same reasons I think Washington can make the playoffs, I think we can take the division – the other teams in the NFC East bode more uncertainty and, at least on paper, Washington has the best roster in the division.

2021 WFT Future Bets to Consider:

Washington O 8.5 total Wins -115 (Fanduel Sportsbook)

As you can see above, I am clearly bullish on Washington’s outlook this season. I think Washington needs to win at least nine games to make the playoffs and nine can also win them the division since seven did last season. I am not playing this number due to the -115 odds – I see more value in getting positive odds by taking Washington to make the playoffs directly. However, due to the circumstances, this bet should certainly be worth taking a look at.

Terry McLaurin O 1175.5 Recieving Yards -130 (Pointsbet Sportsbook)

What Terry McLaurin was capable of doing last season with the cycle of below-average quarterback play was phenomenal. McLaurin amassed 1,118 receiving yards in 15 games last year with teams frequently double-teaming him and having below-average arm talent throwing him the rock. However, this season, Washington has a few new weapons to work with and a new quarterback that frequently airs out the football and attempts to make throws into tight windows.

This bet sure seems like it should be a play, and if I do add any other bets to the above category this would be the first one, but there is a lesson to learn here about shopping for the best odds. On Fanduel sportsbook, this same wager is listed at 1,200 receiving yards at -112. If you like Terry to go over, it is imperative to find the best number on the market before taking the action.

2021 WFT Future Bets Conclusion

As far as future bets go, there is nothing that I would put in my avoid category. The last thing I wanted to point out for this article was to do your own personal due diligence before placing any wagers. While I am bullish on Washington and their ability to improve upon last season, it’s very likely there are a ton of people on the opposite end of the spectrum. If you are playing any wager, play within your means and know what you are comfortable risking, and at points, losing. This season should be a fun one and I hope you enjoyed reading my bets on Washington’s upcoming season. I will have articles out weekly outlining where I see value in Washington games and I will give insight into other games as well, but as I said, I will be focusing on the team I follow and believe to know the best.

LANDOVER, MD – OCTOBER 25: Head coach Ron Rivera of the Washington Football Team reacts after a touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys during the first half at FedExField on October 25, 2020, in Landover, Maryland. (Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)

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