Predicting All AFC Division Champions for This Season

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The wait is over NFL fans, the 2021 pro football season is almost upon us, and as teams get ready for the final stretch of the preseason, with roster cuts being made and final decisions being taken to get the teams ready for the upcoming action. But the teams aren’t the only ones getting ready for the 2021 season, as NFL predictions experts from all around have also been hard at work, starting to dish out initial lists of odds of which teams are looking best in each of their divisions for what’s to come.

While in the NFC the scene looks more and more like it could end up being a battle between the Buccaneers, Rams, Packers, and 49ers, over in the AFC the scene is looking all sorts of good as well. With this said, here are our predictions for which teams will end up winning their respective divisions in the AFC in the 2021 NFL season.

AFC East: Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills fans have been waiting for this moment for years now, but without further a due, ladies and gentlemen, the Bills are the absolute best team in the AFC East and the second-best team in the whole of the AFC after the Kansas City Chiefs. Led by quarterback Josh Allen, who is able to surpass last year’s numbers and performances, could seriously be looking into having an MVP caliber season in the league, the Bills look like they have no competition whatsoever in the AFC East.

Given how stacked the Bills are both on offense and defense, with a coaching staff who is one of the best groups in the league and a division where their rivals, the Jets, Patriots, and Dolphins cannot really post any competition to them, Buffalo is probably the easiest pick to take in all of the AFC. With that said, I would be on the lookout for Miami to take one of the available wildcard spots.

AFC North: Cleveland Browns

Yeah you have the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens here, oh and you can’t forget about Joe Burrow’s Bengals either, but when push comes to shove, the Cleveland Browns could be looking at putting all of the division on notice this upcoming season by winning the divisional title in a commanding way. Their offense is a plethora of talent with Baker Mayfield looking more and more ready to have a breakout season in the league, one of the fastest RB duos in the league with Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt and OBJ and Jarvis Landry as your top receivers, so yeah, advantage Cleveland.

On defense, well, just by saying Myles Garret that should be enough of a warning of how strong, powerful, and dominant this defense can get to be. Pittsburgh will not be able to repeat their title, after winning it last year and while Baltimore, led by another top-tier QB like Lamar Jackson could put some fire under Cleveland, the Browns look too good on all sides of the ball to not win. On another note, if Lamar Jackson has an MVP caliber season, take the Ravens for another of the wildcard spots.

AFC South: Tennessee Titans

If you have A.J. Brown and Julio Jones as your two main weapons at the WR department, Derrick Henry as your RB1 and Ryan Tannehill as your starting QB, wouldn’t you also automatically think and assume that the team with the most chances to take the AFC South is the Tennessee Titans? Just with having Derrick Henry, who will be looking to be the first person in the history of the game to run for 2,000 rushing yards in consecutive seasons, you should have enough of a clue of how good this Titans offense can be. Now add to that Jones and Bown, one of the best WR duos in the league and a Ryan Tannehill who couldn’t have asked for anything better to continue showing why he’s one of the best underrated talents in the league. You got yourself a divisional champion team right there.

Now, the key for the Titans to succeed will depend a lot on what version of Carson Wentz the Colts might end up getting. If they get a healthy Wentz, alongside that stunning Indi defense, then the Titans might have to watch out, but if not, then the division will be theirs. The Texans will be lucky if they score a couple of wins and the Jaguars, well, if they get 5 wins that will be a ravishing success.

AFC West: Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs are not only favorites to win their division this year again just like in the previous years, they’re also favorites to make it to the AFC title game, take the title and go to the Super Bowl for yet another appearance in as many years. If there had to be one resounding reason as to why, well it’s Patrick Mahomes of course. The Chiefs’ QB apparently does not know how to not be excellent at football.

While he struggled in last year’s Super Bowl loss against Tampa Bay, it was mostly in part to offensive line issues. With a revamped offensive line and having targets like Travis Kelce and Tyrek Hill, you know that Kansas City will be a scoring machine. While the Broncos and Raiders could be looking at putting up some decent numbers in the division, the only team capable of giving the Chiefs a minimal but still respectable run in the division will be the LA Chargers, led by QB Justin Herbert. And while they won’t realistically be able to beat the Chiefs out of the divisional title, they will surely be a threat nobody will like to face if they land the other wildcard spot in the conference.

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