Interview With the Undefeated Jornel Lugo

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After an impressive win at Bellator 265, Jornel Lugo has made a serious case to be involved in the potential Bantamweight Grand-Prix which we could see on the cards in the coming months.

The undefeated prospect put everything on the line to find his first finish inside the promotion against a challenging opponent in Keith Lee. In a fast-paced first round, Lugo’s hunger to the get a finish was evident.

In an extraordinary ending, Lugo seemed to be the only one in the arena who knew he secured the finish, with Lee falling asleep in his arms at the end of the first round. Lee awakened moments after the bell but the fight was over, and Lugo was ecstatic after securing his third career finish, boosting his unbeaten record to seven wins.

Considering Lugo is one of the most exciting prospects within Bellator, if an eight man Grand-Prix is in fact in the midst of being planned, the eighth-ranked bantamweight would be extremely unfortunate to miss out. We could potentially see a clash between Lugo and Josh Hill for a place in the tournament.

I had the pleasure of speaking to Lugo after his win at Bellator 265.

Jornel “A1” Lugo: 7-0

So, Jornel, congratulations on the seventh win of your professional career, how impressed were you with your performance?

Jornel Lugo – I am very pleased with how the fight turned out. I wanted to show everyone that I’m a smart fighter but I’m also a dangerous fighter. Finding the balance between being smart and dangerous wasn’t an easy task but I’ve finally figured out the formula! Now you’ll be seeing more entertaining fights from me!

It’s your first finish in Bellator, does that make the win extra special or is a win enough for you?

Jornel Lugo – This win is my favorite Bellator win. Not only did I get the finish I also did the best job in that round than I did in any of my previous Bellator fights and I did that against my toughest opponent to date!

You impressed on the feet and your speed on the ground was another level, was it part of the game plan to find the rear-naked and finish it that way?

Jornel Lugo – It was part of the plan to look for the finish if he chose to shoot on me yes. I wanted to show that shooting on me is not a safe idea! From now on if someone shoots they will have to pay for it!

It was a bizarre finish with Lee falling unconscious and awakening moments after the buzzer, did you know you put him to sleep at the time?

Jornel Lugo – I knew he was asleep when he went limp in my arms. I posted to Keith to let the ref know he’s asleep but I thought the ref would let the fight continue anyways. I was ready for 3-5 rounds!

Are you expecting a rise in your ranking position and if a bantamweight Grand Prix does come of age, do you feel you are worthy of a spot?

Jornel Lugo – I don’t expect to rise up the rankings because I’m pretty high as it is being at number 8 when I was only 6-0. I do expect to be in the tournament though since I’m the best all-around fighter in the bantamweight division.

Finally, I would love to know how you celebrated your victory or any plans to celebrate?

Jornel Lugo – Keith Lee and I went out for dinner after the fight with our coaches and friends and enjoyed some food. He’s a real stand-up guy and I hope he does well in his career going forward.

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