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“From Hell” Pichel Returned in Style

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In his first bout in over a year, Vinc Pichel produced a striking masterclass over Austin Hubbard at UFC Vegas 34. Hard-hitting Pichel showed no rust inside the octagon, impressing the judges to win 30-27 across all three scorecards.

A few months after his second victory in the UFC against Anthony Njokuani in 2014, Pichel suffered a torn labrum and bicep, sidelining him for three years. He showed his determination and progression to be back in the octagon, knocking out Damien Brown in his return in 2017.

Now we have Pichel in pitch-perfect shape at the age of 38-years-old, it would be great to see him test someone within the lightweight rankings, after a three-fight win streak.

His most recent loss came at the hands of Gregor Gillespie in 2018. Could it be the case of these two being matched up for a potential epic re-match? I had the pleasure of speaking to Pichel to find out his thoughts on the potential matchup and how he enjoyed his experience at UFC Vegas 34.

Interview With Vinc Pichel Following His Victory Over Austin Hubbard

So, Vinc, congratulations on the hard-fought victory. Overall, what were your thoughts on your performance?

Vinc Pichel – I felt like I had a good performance but didn’t have much time to train at factory X leading up to really show the difference.

It’s been a year since you were in the octagon, can you explain your emotions entering the cage moments before the fight?

Vinc Pichel – Hahaha my emotions are simple going into a fight: be brutal, be mean and have fun just being me!

You landed some heavy shots throughout the three rounds and were inches away from the KO. Were you impressed with how tough Hubbard’s chin was?

Vinc Pichel – Yea Hubbard is a tough tough dude. I rocked him a few times and he recovered very well each time and I wasn’t able to get the finish.

I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but you’re footwork and striking looked effortless for a 38-year-old, what’s the secret?

Vinc Pichel – Hahaha thanks! I’ve worked a lot on it over the years and I feel like it’s finally getting good! The secret is just being a shark in the water circling its prey until it’s time to eat.

You mentioned Gregor Gillespie for a potential rematch next, do you feel it’s a necessity for yourself to be back in the cage before the end of the year, or are you just seeing what comes next?

Vinc Pichel – Yea I’d like to get that loss back, I don’t think it’s imperative to fight again by the end of the year but as time slips away from me it is to be as active as I can while I can.

Finally, I would love to know how you celebrated or planning to celebrate your victory over the next few days!?

Vinc Pichel – I celebrate the same way I always do, by eating all the food around me and just relaxing mentally from the high stress of a fight camp by playing video games and relaxing or going outdoors and doing something fun like shooting or Dirtbike riding.

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